We Lived To Tell The Tale

7:15 AM

Barely. Actually the yard sale was great! We had lots and lots of folks to stop by and we purged a good deal of "stuff". Yay for us! Now we can get busy on filling it up again. Kidding!!! Of course, it took almost all day with the clean up and packing up of stuff that didn't sale (for the next purge).

I did manage to draw and paint on Saturday, but I didn't get very far. Rather than posting, I decided to wait and get more done on Sunday. Bad idea. I just didn't know it at the time. Here is my new little Easter egg nest:

I'm using "palette mud" to paint this. Palette mud is leftover mixtures from other recent paintings. It will have a very muted look (by choice) when I'm done. You can just barely see the pencil lines to the little pastry dish. I believe I'm going to paint it to look rusty and dull too. 

As mentioned, I intended to get more done on Sunday . . . instead, Spring got me. I started working in the front yard clearing away the plants that had died during the freeze and raking up all the "spikey tree ball things" (as Chris calls them) from the Maple trees. Unfortunately, we lost an ornamental Ficus tree right by our front walk and I decided to see if I could get the stump out.

The next thing I knew I was looking up at the Maples blowing gently in the breeze. Yep, tea cup over tea kettle in the front yard! Luckily, I was not seriously hurt, but good gracious, I'm sore! I have some good size bumps and bruises, but the soreness is the worst. Once I realized I could not stop the forward motion that was going to take me over, I just rolled into it. That probably saved me from the worst of it.

After laying there for a moment laughing at myself - I often have good reason to be amused - I got up and went found Chris to tell him he needed to get the stump out! I went back to cutting down benign branches and raking up spikey tree ball things. I really didn't feel much like painting Sunday evening. Instead, I took a long hot shower, and crawled into bed a bit earlier than usual.

Still sore today, but I'll live to tell the tale. . . .

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Glad you didn't get hurt and glad your yard sale was a success! I know how much work a yard sale is. Looking forward to seeing more on this piece.

  2. Thanks, Lori! Yeah, yard sales are a whole bunch of work, but for us, a necessary evil. Two pack rats should not be allowed to marry!! ; )

  3. Oh my! so glad you are okay. Sounds like something I would do.

    That Easter egg nest is going to be gorgeous. Lay low and feel better soon.

  4. This is my first visit to your blog and I have quite enjoyed myself! This Easter egg nest is going to be lovely - palette mud and all :-)
    Glad to hear you are okay.

  5. Thank you, Teri, and welcome, Teresa! I have also enjoyed visiting on your blog. Do hope you stop by again.

  6. ...thank goodness you didn't hurt your painting hand or anything else! Yard work can be dangerous. We should just sit under a tree and sip lemonade. Thanks for the eagle nest cam link. I added you and the link to that entry!

  7. Too funny, Kelly! Love your comments, but at my house, sipping lemonade isn't going to work!

    Glad you like the link! I'm fascinated by the nest - it looks so little! To anyone else who may be reading this, there is a live cam on an Eagle's nest in Iowa at:

    Take a look!

  8. What an adventurous afternoon you had! Can't wait to see the next installment on your little basket.

    Hope the soreness has gone by now.... and remember (as a good friend of mine is so fond of telling me) you're not as young as you used to be! ;-)


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