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5:27 PM

Do you ever get an idea of how you want something to turn out in your head, and no matter what you do, it turns out nothing like that image? Hmmm, well, that's how it was with these eggs. They didn't turn out anything like that image in my head. Why does that happen? Or in this case, why didn't that happen?

Taking a Dip
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First, let me start with saying that my scanner does not seem to like turquoise, teal or blue violets. The carton color is a blue violet like old time egg cartons used to be. Nor is there any pink in this painting. That yellow-green egg is really more of a lime, and the blue egg is turquoise. 

Second, these are the same eggs you saw here. I wanted to have a go at changing the colors up and see how it would turn out. It turned out alright, it just doesn't look anything like the image in my head.  As to painting the eggs again - I don't know. If I do, I'll probably change it up yet again. Maybe put the eggs in a basket. 

Third, tell me how you think this painting can be improved? What would you suggest I do differently?

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2 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Your colored eggs are really great with the highlights (which is so hard to do on white eggs) and the shadows and overlapping shadows are great. Maybe you could introduce a bit more color to the white to give them more form.

    You keep getting better with each try!

  2. Thanks, Teri! You know I really didn't realize how flat the white eggs were until I posted the painting. They definitely need more work. Thanks for the observation.


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