I Just Love Fortune Cookies!!

10:13 AM

Crazy for sure, but I do get the biggest kick out of fortunes in Fortune cookies! I have had several that turned out to be quite accurate too! Anyway, we went to dinner with my FIL last night at the China House Restaurant, and below is my fortune!

I laughed outloud when I read the fortune and got several curious looks from other diners. But that's okay too as I had something to celebrate! I happen to believe this particular fortune with all my heart - to expect the best and quite often, that's exactly what I get! I expect the best from and for myself, I expect the best from and for others and I expect the best from life. I am not often disappointed. And sometimes, I need a gentle reminder when I lose my focus. 

When I start dreading a situation, especially to the point that it's the first thing that slams into my brain at 3:00 in the morning, I start to ask myself what is the very best I can expect from this situation. And that's what I focus on. This kind of focus really cuts down on the stress.

It's another way of staying with the positive. There is so darn much negativity swirling around us right now and it really is no laughing matter, but every time we start talking about all the negativity, we're adding to it! Enough all ready! The media is doing enough negative talking for ALL of us! Instead, of joining the doom and gloom, I try to change the subject. To something positive

What are you focused on - the best? The negative? Go ahead, give it a whirl - expect the best - then let me know how it works for you!!!

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