More Work on the Hyacinth Series

5:51 AM

I finally got back to work on the Hyacinth series in my sketchbook and have completed the painting of the bulb. Again, I'm not really happy with the scan as there are a lot of colors in the bulb area that the scanner is not picking up. Not sure if it's the low resolution or a color issue.  

Anyway, once these are complete - I have one more to go - I will be offering the images as prints over in my Etsy shop, both individually and as a set. That should happen the first of next week. 

We are having another purge on Saturday (garage sale) and I'll be getting things ready all day today, and then doing the sale on Saturday. Not sure how much artwork I'll be able to get done as those things usually wipe us out for a day or so. Still, I'm going to try to get something done and posted. Okay. I said that outloud and on the blog. Now let's see if I can make it happen!

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3 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I love the composition of this as well as the beauty!!!
    Spring is popping up all over!!

  2. looks beautiful to me. I can only imagine what a better scan would look like. I've also had probably with my scanner. It can't seem to differentiate shade of red/orange. Lovely...

  3. This is lovely! Looks so fresh and about to burst with blossom and life.

    Loved your eggs too... even if they did change colors!

    Do you have Photoshop (or another image manipulating program?)? You can do some color correcting there... that will at least take care of the color cast that a scanner introduces.


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