Final Entry

4:53 PM

     Choco cautiously sniffed the object, but could detect no smell by which to identify it. Then he tried nudging it. Nothing happened. After study the thing for a moment, Choco turned the shiny disk over. Still nothing. Gingerly, he bit the disk.

     "OUCH!!" yelped the shiny disk, "What did you do that for?" The startled rabbit had taken several steps back and was debating whether to run or stay and answer the question. Curiosity won out. Choco could see a face now with blue eyes looking back at him. "Um, what are you?" he asked.
     "I'm a pocket watch. A very special pocket watch", the disk said. "Wait, don't go! I need your help, please!" he said with more urgently as he noticed the rabbit stepping further back. 
     "I'm sorry" replied the rabbit, "I don't know how I could be of help. I'm a rabbit. I know nothing about pocket watches. I don't even know what a pocket watch is!"
     Suddenly, off in the distance they could hear the slow clip, clop of a horse coming towards them. If it made Choco nervous, it made the pocket watch even more nervous. 
     "Listen, please! I've spent over 10 years trying to get free of that man. If he finds me now, I don't know if  I'll ever be able to get free again! There's no time to explain now, but I need your help, and you're going to need mine!" exclaimed the watch.
     From the bushes at the road's edge came Van's worried voice, "Choco, we must go. NOW! Hurry! The man is coming!" Choco took several steps towards his brother when he heard the watch calling out, "Pleeeeeaaase, take me with you!" Turning once again, Choco shook his head, making his decision . . . .

*And this concludes our visit with Choco. He'll be back along with his merry host of friends and companions to continue the story! Hope you enjoyed the day! 

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. And and and, oh my gosh and you leave us hanging like that?!!

    Love that Choco!!

  2. ...grinning! So much fun... I think I'll be saying someday, "I knew her when she was blogging!" I can't wait for the next installment!

  3. A cliffhanger!

    How could you? :-)

    Getting better with each installment... wow.... you're really coming along!

  4. so utterly sweet - I love the pattern on his dapper jacket!

  5. Thanks to all! Yes, Teri, and Teresa, a cliff hanger! I'm evil that how!! ;-)

    Amy, thanks for stopping by!


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