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7:36 AM

The image to the left is more practice of trying to capture a likeness of a person as quickly as I can without getting hung up on complete accuracy and detail. Not an easy feat for someone who thrives on detail! If you were to see the reference materials, you would see that I did indeed capture a likeness of her, but you could also see many things that could be improved upon. This type of painting for me is a constant striving for balance - if I take to long on the drawing, I don't have much time to paint. If I don't get a good likeness down, no amount of paint is going to fix that. 

The sketch was done in about 25 minutes start to finish. I would eventually like to get down to about 15 minutes for something like this. Less pre-drawing with the pencil and more drawing with the brush and paint. I do have to say that my confidence is growing the more I do this, and I can now see that if/when I get to London, or some other wonderful location, I could, maybe, possibly paint on location and get a decent likeness! My challenge now it to actually go to the park, the mall, and paint ON location!

Those words are so easy to type, but the actually doing is so difficult - for me anyway! I used to be immobilized by my fear of a white page in a sketchbook. I overcame that. I'm not sure how, I think be actually using "cheap" unimportant sketchbooks to "practice" in until I got better. LOL! Then I "graduated" to the more important artist's sketchbooks, the real deal. Now it doesn't bother me in the least to sketch and draw in any sketchbook. I'm sure that I'll eventually get to the same level with painting on location. Meanwhile, I'll be taking my sketchbook out for a weekly walk/drive until I can overcome my fear of painting where - gasp! -  someone might be able to see what I'm doing!


On other topics: 
The competition painting was a crash-and-burn. I had a really, really great start. What I didn't have was someone in the studio to yell at me to put the brush down! Consequently, I overworked it and lost the freshness. I will try again.

The bunnies are where we left them last week, but will be back this week at some point.

I will be out of the studio for most of today on business stuff, so may not have anything to post until late tomorrow or Wednesday.

I hope your week is off to a fabulously creative start and you're challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone - in some way - everyday this week!!

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. This is wonderful and it is hard to believe it only took you 25 minutes!

  2. You captured that wonderful of joy on her face so wonderfully!

    And YEAH for you going OUT to sketch!!! It will get as easy as everything else does with practice.

    Say hi to Mr C.

  3. I can't believe you can paint something like that so quickly. Very cool! The painting is pure all those tulips!!

  4. I love it.... like the looseness and freshness. I haven't had the courage to go public with sketching yet.... Yikes!!


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