Clash of the Bunnies and the Refrigerator

3:05 PM

This morning when I opened the refrigerator to get cream for my coffee I noticed a peculiar odor come wafting out. Hmmm, that's never a good thing. Never. When that happens you know you're going to have to suit up for biological warfare and go in there and extract whatever is giving off that odor. And it never comes out easily. Never.

So, in I went only to find that a cucumber had managed to escape to the back of the second highest shelf and die a slow, messy, smelly, stinky death. Now anyone who has ever had a cucumber die this kind of death in their refrigerator is scrunching up their face and saying "Eeeeeeeuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhh!" They know. It's BAD. Very BAD. In this case, the cucumber in question had cozied up to a package of pre-sliced deli cheese and used the plastic bag to run over to the side of the refrigerator where various glass jars live.

Having reached the glass jars that just happen to be TOUCHING the wall of the refrigerator, the cucumber continued its path of destruction down the side of the refrigerator to the shelf below it with more jars. Not satisfied to stop there, it continued down to yet another shelf, bypassing the jars but settling instead under the carton of eggs. Yuck!!!! Icky pukey!!!!!!

As much as I love getting caught up in the creative "moment", that in this case lasted a week, this is yet another down side. You see, I'm not big on housekeeping. My house will never win a "White Glove" award and I'm okay with that. It's just that when you live on the edge of good housekeeping/bad housekeeping the way I do, your house can go from okay to bad in just a week!

After getting my head out of the refrigerator, I noticed a pile of laundry almost as tall as I am. And I'm tall. This is not a desirable trait in your laundry pile. Going back to the frig for a moment, once all the ick was cleaned out, I noticed it was empty. Dang. That meant I was gonna have to cook too. So, washing laundry, folding laundry, putting laundry away, general cleaning, decluttering horizontal surfaces, detoxing the frig, cooking a huge pot of sauce for spaghetti tonight, and the general maintenance of my life was nearly caught up. Great.

Except I didn't work on the bunnies. They're going on hiatus for a few days. I'm sure some of you are relieved as you secretly never liked bunnies anyway, and others of you are seriously disappointed. They'll be back. Right now, I'm going to take an afternoon to go outside and sit in the sun and enjoy Spring (and try to get that smell out of my nose). Then I'm going to do a piece for a competition that's coming up way too fast. Then the bunnies will come back. Because they never really left . . .

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. ...thank goodness I'm not the only one. My house is in need of a good straightening! Writing and researching is much more fun than laundry and cleaning. I need to force myself to step away from the computer!

  2. I think we must be secret sisters! These are all my excuses to. Anything is more fun that cleaning, cooking and shopping. (I am tall also so we must be related).

    From your seriously disappointed sister!

  3. Sisters unite! Too bad we can't rise up in revolt and stop all the cleaning, cooking and shopping, but then it would never get done and I don't think I could stand it for very long!!

    Kelly, I hear you on the computer - had a conversation with someone today about needing to "balance" my work time, computer time, house time and art time. No easy feat!

    Teri, sorry to disappoint, but those silly rabbits will be back soon. Funny, I've always imagined you as tall too!!

  4. Bells are ringing loudly...Sympathies from here Laura.
    Laundry piles just grow so tall, so quickly and never ever go away...the world over.

  5. Thanks, Sheona! And you are so right about the laundry - it never ever goes away!

  6. Life gets in the way of art, doesn't it? :-) Had too many of those days myself recently... but sure was nice to come back and catch up on the bunny saga. You're doing a wonderful job and I'm so impressed with your creativity!


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