Tucker Sketches

7:43 PM

Tucker graphite sketches in my Handbook Sketchbook

If ever there was a cat that was suited to graphite, it is most definitely Tucker. He is the color of steel wool. He has lighter and darker areas of grey and a few silver areas depending on the light. This also makes Tucker a tremendous challenge to draw - from life - in about 8 minutes. He is a study of values. He doesn't stay still for long either - especially if he thinks you're looking at him too long.

Again, I think the sketch makes him look more kittenish than he is. He was in the leather arm chair sunk back in the corner. It was just getting to be dusk with the light fading fast. Because the leather is dark, he seem to fade in and out and become one with the chair. This sketch actually needs to be about four shades darker overall.

If you are looking to improve or hone your drawing skills like I am, I recommend getting a pencil (without an eraser) and a sketchbook and having it at the ready for those moments when your pet decides to be the perfect model. (If you don't have a pet, you can also use family members as impromptu models.) You do have to work quickly and this helps you learn to get the essence of your subject down BEFORE they move. Again.  

As for a pencil without an eraser - you'll learn faster. With an eraser on the end of that pencil, it is too tempting to erase, redraw, erase, redraw, etc. trying to get it right. By the time you get it right or close enough, the animal has moved to a new position, leaving you with a half finished sketch. Sometimes it happens anyway. 

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. A sweet drawing of a sweet cat. I totally agree about the pencil. Every once in awhile I feel the need to get back to the pencil.

  2. Tucker is coming along a treat, you've got the lovely soft fur perfect

  3. a pencil (without an eraser)...you ARE a brave woman, and you're totally inspiring me. I have to pick up the pencil and use it. I'll see if I can draw my kitty. Tucker looks like a sweety!

  4. Aw... Tucker looks blissfully comfy! I've heard other artists extol the value of sketching without an eraser.... yikes!.... guess I need to start doing that- I'm thinking it would help prevent some of my endless nitpicking! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. If you really want to stop the nitpicking use a permanent marker! Actually, any pen will work. Back a hundred years ago, we had to do portraits!!! in ball point pen. You learn much quicker than you think you would!


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