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"May I ask what the "C" in your name stands for, Van? I'm thinking Cherry or Cranberry?" I said to Van as I was painting his coat.

The look he gave me was not unkind, but it did seem to say he thought me quite daft. "Coolidge. As in Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president of the United States. Mother was quite the history buff and she had to have names for all of us, so she would randomly pick a president's name" Van replied.

"Oh" seemed to be the most intelligent thing I could come up with at the moment. A little while later I asked "So "M" probably doesn't stand for Milk in Choco's name?"

"No, Madison. James Madison, 4th president" came the answer.

"Well why do you go by Van if your first name is Coolidge?

Again came the look that said he was sure I was daft as he answered with his own question, "Would you want to be called Coolidge your whole life?"

At that point I thought it best to let silence reign . . . .

This as far as I've gotten on Van. Unfortunately, the scan of the WIP (work-in-progress) looks rather peaked. His coat is a rich burgundy with brown overtones and his vest is two lighter shades of the coat. On my monitor, he looks rather sepia toned. I played in Photoshop, but he still looks off. Maybe I can get a photo of him tomorrow. Anyway, the tie, shirt, and top hat all need to be completed. I will probably go back and add some darker values to his face, but I wanted to get the clothes finished before I went too dark on his face.

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