Can I Go Play Now?

11:47 AM

Do you ever feel that way after you've spent a morning doing "chores"? Things that have to be done like scanning and labeling artwork for various tasks (hi-res for printing, low-res for the web); organizing computer files; doing paperwork, etc. I got an early start today but here it is noon, and I'm just now getting to a stopping spot. Not finished, mind you, but stopping. I don't think you ever get finished with this kind of "stuff"!

Detail of a print now available in my Etsy shop, Painted Thoughts, as a print! Please see sidebar for link!

I'm really bad about putting this type of work off. I am in the process of looking at my habits and how I can improve on getting this type of work done so that it isn't so intrusive into my day. Good luck with that, right? The odd part to me is that I didn't use to mind. Computer work was just something that had to be done. Now that my creative life is richer and fuller, I don't want anything - like computer work - to interrupt it!

Now available in my Etsy shop, Painted Thoughts, as a print! Please see sidebar for link!

You have seen both of these images before, but now the are available as prints over at my Etsy shop. I am also going to make the Easter nest available as cards, but that may not happen until tomorrow as I'm starting to whine. Maybe I'm just hungry, it is lunchtime after all. The hyacinth is back on the art table and I wanna go paint! So, that's what I'm gonna go do. 

Hope you're having a fabulous Monday! 

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10 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I love those eggs, looks like my hen house!!!

  2. Thanks, Karie Ann, I'm sure you've got eggs - and nests - by the dozens!

  3. LOL!! I can relate to that... everyday life rather inconveniently gets in the way of making art doesn't it? :-)

    I've read of authors holing up for a few months in a cabin on the side of a mountain with beautiful scenery all around them as they separate themselves from the world and its tasks and responsibilities so they can dedicate themselves solely to their writing. Oooh... I'm so envious!

  4. But could you do?! I mean really, if the opportunity came up for you, just you, to go away to some location (mountain) for 3 months and do nothing but create - could you?????

    I don't have an answer for sure, but most of the time, I think I could.

  5. I love the composition of the tulips (and the painting itself) and of course, I love the nest also. That should be a big seller before Easter.

  6. ...the tulips are beautiful, and I think I'd like to buy some of those Easter cards!

  7. Thank you, Teri, that painting has gotten a lot of attention so far.

    Really, Kelli? Woohoo!! As far as I know they'll either be up tonight or in the morning. That is if I don't have technical difficulties. Let's just say tomorrow. It's been rough going today! ; )

  8. P.S. thanks for the kind comments too!

  9. I am so happy I followed a garden blogger friend to your page. WOnderful work and you are totally inspiring. I was a fine arts major enjoying Oils before taking on a full time job as MOM. Now I focus on photography. Your work and blog has inspired me to dig those brushes out soon.

    Happy Spring! I can't wait to follow your blog this spring.

  10. Hi, Bren, and welcome!! So glad that you're going to dig those brushes out! It is so, so difficult to keep focused and it helps to know there are others out here fighting the same fight.

    Do hope to hear from you again!


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