Daily Practice - Colored Eggs

8:41 PM

Eggs in a Basket
Fabriano Rough 300 lb.

After yesterday's practice with white eggs I decided I wanted to try something with color. What I had in mind was a carton with brown eggs. My muse had another idea. I've been receiving Martha Stewart's Living magazine since Mary Englebreit's Home Companion went defunct, and Martha had a photo of a basket of aqua-colored eggs and instructions on how to make them. My muse said, "That's perfect! Let's paint that instead of some dumb ol' brown eggs!"

And so we did. Fifty minutes start to finish. I am pleased with the result for 50 minutes, but I wouldn't call it finished or polished. It's a sketch, a fun sketch to be sure but a sketch. I'd like to try the concept again. Different basket, maybe in a different color. Kelly said something about yesterday's post being an Easter card. I think this might have potential as well if it were done in a more thorough manner. 

Update on the Jeep: I went back to the dealership this morning, but they had to keep my Jeep all day long so I didn't get to try my diabolical plan of playing the kazoo to make them hurry up. Maybe next time! 

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I love your muse! She makes you do the neatest things! Love these colored eggs!!

  2. ...I think your muse chose well, and you're right...this painting is definitely Easter card ready. The regular egg carton is a cute kitchen-style notecard now!!

  3. The colors are wonderful! It looks very much like Easter. Hope you get your jeep back soon!

  4. Thanks, Teri, I find it best if I follow along and go quietly with the muse. Otherwise, she gets into one of "those" moods and won't play with me!

    Thanks, Kelly, for giving me the idea!

    Thanks, Lori! I do have the Jeep back so normalcy has returned!

  5. Beautiful, fresh colors! Love this!

    I'm also receiving Martha Stewart Living in lieu of Home Companion!

  6. My subscription just ran out this month. I don't think I'll be renewing. I just don't enjoy her magazine like I did Home Companion.


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