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10:21 AM

I have some questions that need answers with regard to our story of Choco, and despite the lovely discussions that have taken place here in the Ferlita household, I still need answers. (It is often difficult to come to a consensus when there are only two of you to begin with and you happen to be total opposites!)

So, the questions:
  • Would you prefer to see the bunnies' legs or are you cool with the pants?
  • Would you like to see cotton bunny tails added to the bunnies? Would this make them more bunny-like?
  • Should the bunnies have a "bunny-sized" town (as in their own town) or should this be taking place in a human-sized town with the bunnies moving around and utilizing the humans' space?
  • Do you have a preference for which country the story takes place in?
  • Are you over this whole thing and ready for me to move on to something else?
Please help by answering! Thank you!!

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. In answer to your questions:
    Bunny legs or pants? Pants work fine but you would have to put a hole in the back for his tail. lol and that might be funny. You could have a fun story on how the tail got out of the pants.

    Town? this could get funny and wild with bunnies running all over. You could introduce a new town member every so often as he/she interacts with Mr C.

    This is fun, I vote, keep them coming!

  2. I love your story, please continue. I like the bunny pants and believe they should have their own town. I also like the surprises too!

  3. THANK YOU, Teri and Lori, for helping out! Once it appears that everyone has had a chance to answer, I'll do another post on all the answers.

    And, Teri, I hadn't thought about the "tail" hole being a part of the story - I was thinking too practically, silly me! But you're right, that could be fun! Hmmm, now you've got the wheels turning . . .

  4. Hey, is there gonna be an owl? BUt not the regular "smart wise-old owl"., but kinda um...burned out from drug overdose or something. Probably doesn't fit the theme--maybe he is just "special"-- sleeps at night, awake all day; befriends mice instead of eating them; walks everywhere because he can't fly. Maybe the magic watch can fix him.

  5. and either tail outside the pants, or no pants. Can't have a "tail bulge" inside the pants, becasue it'll look like he pooed in there.

    But definitely a tail.

  6. Hi, Leott, welcome to Painted Thoughts! I'm not sure if there will be an owl or not. If there is I'm sure he'll be "special" in his own way.

    Thanks also for your interesting take on the "tail" situation. We wouldn't want any poo in the story!

  7. Very cool!
    --I love the pants!
    --Bunny tails through the pants melt my heart...
    --A bunny-sized town with little stone cottages would be very cute...
    --I'm a sucker for the English countryside. Maybe he's a descendent of Peter Rabbit or Benjamin Bunny (but...he will tell you where he wants to live I bet!).
    --Keep going...and then find a publisher so the story will show up in Barnes and Nobles!

  8. Sure did laugh when I got to Leott's comment! LOL!!

    Still taking comments even if late? Guess I really should read ahead and see where you've gone with the story but, here goes anyway...

    1. Pants? Would certainly dress the characters up. Love Teri C's idea of the tail fluffing out through the back of the pants!
    2. Perhaps have their own town, but occasional forays into the village of humans as the story warrants?
    3. I must admit a definite weakness for all things English (no surprise there!) so I'd vote for England. But if not England, how about Scotland? You could have a kilted bunny! Just think... bagpipes, rolling hills, the Scot's brogue, colorful tartans and sporrans, (think Sean Connery as a bunny!), castles (haunted?)
    4. Are you kidding? You know you wouldn't leave your loyal readers hanging and wondering what happened to Choco and the gang?
    5. More! More! More! :-)


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