Questions, Questions,Questions

10:21 AM

I have some questions that need answers with regard to our story of Choco, and despite the lovely discussions that have taken place here in the Ferlita household, I still need answers. (It is often difficult to come to a consensus when there are only two of you to begin with and you happen to be total opposites!)

So, the questions:
  • Would you prefer to see the bunnies' legs or are you cool with the pants?
  • Would you like to see cotton bunny tails added to the bunnies? Would this make them more bunny-like?
  • Should the bunnies have a "bunny-sized" town (as in their own town) or should this be taking place in a human-sized town with the bunnies moving around and utilizing the humans' space?
  • Do you have a preference for which country the story takes place in?
  • Are you over this whole thing and ready for me to move on to something else?
Please help by answering! Thank you!!

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