Daily Practice - Eggs

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Daily Practice - Eggs
Strathmore Sketchbook
Do you ever ignore that little voice in the back of your head that says something like "Don't do this. You're gonna be sorry. It's not gonna turn out right"? I ignore that voice all the time. Most of the time it turns out okay. Other times it turns out great. Occasionally, it turns out just the way the voice said it was going to. Case in point - these eggs. 

These eggs were to be my daily practice. To begin with I picked up a sketchbook that would be more valuable as fire starter than as sketchbook paper. I detest the paper! Did I stop? No. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. So I was at an odd angle to the eggs and that was making the perspective extremely difficult. Did I change positions? No. Why? Dunno. I started drawing at an odd angle on the page. Why? Clueless.

By their very nature, eggs generally give artists fits. The color. The shape. They truly challenge the left brain/right brain combo because it is WHAT you see and not what you THINK you see that will allow you to draw a reasonable egg. This is true of everything you draw, but I think more obvious with eggs than a lot of other objects.

The complete sketchbook page with eggs at a tilt

If I post more of my daily practices, you'll be seeing these eggs again. I don't know how long these took start to finish because I forgot to look at the clock. They were fun, and that's the most important thing to me. Oh. As far as the pencil without an eraser? I went and got an eraser before I was five minutes into this - so much for that advice!

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Hey, these are great! They look exactly like eggs in a carton (great job on that carton). Don't you hate when you buy a new sketchbook and it is no where near what you thought it would be?!

  2. ...I like these eggs too, and the fact that they are a daily sketch makes them even more impressive. They could even make a fun Easter card!

    you are an amazing artist!!

  4. Thank, everyone!

    Phoenix, thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll visit again!

  5. Breaking eggs to make omelets...Don't use this ones. They're great. Like the angle adds a special perspective. Look forward to seeing more of your daily eggs:)

  6. Laughed when I read of your reaching for the eraser after a few minutes... I can relate. I think the eggs look great! Why are eggs more of a challenge than other subjects? (I've never drawn eggs.... I think I'm missing out on something here)

  7. It is suppose to be extremely difficult to draw eggs because they are oblong with one end being smaller than the other. You have to get both ends "right" or they don't really look like eggs. In other words, it's not like drawing an elliptical (which isn't a piece of cake either!)

    If the eggs are white, it is also difficult to show the weight of the egg through shading that doesn't make them look like they're gray.


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