A Creative Conundrum

1:56 PM

As I said in a prior post, my right brain has been having a blast this last week or so. Until the left brain woke up and said, "What's that suppose to be? A monkey? A rabbit? A monkbit?!!" Needless to say, this comment sent my muse into a colossal snit-fit! She stomped out of the studio, refusing to be swayed or cajoled into moving past the incident. And that's the problem with getting so caught up in the moment (or the week) of creative abandon - you're not really seeing what you're creating.

Of course, if you're me, you post it on your blog for all to see so that they know you're nuttier than a Bavarian Nut House because you just posted a painting of an alien monkbit, AND you're calling it a rabbit. And no one says a word. Nothing. So you go on in your blissful state of creative ignorance until your left brain calls you out and royally ticks off your muse at the same time.

After that, you spend two days in Drawing Basics 101 (Hell) trying to learn how to draw a rabbit. You thought you knew what a rabbit looked like, but you don't just want a rabbit. No, you want him to appear gentle and wise, and of undetermined age, but definitely of determined lineage. Your muse is still ticked off and sulking in the corner, so you're pretty much on my own. And it's awful (Hell). You suddenly look down to see you're drawing Jim Carey's version of Cat-in-a-Hat! This is NOT a good thing when you're trying to draw a gentle and wise rabbit.

You see, this all started on Saturday night when Van showed up. You've seen what a handsome fellow he is and he looks like a rabbit! Which really makes poor Choco look more like an alien than ever. And since they're brothers there should be a family resemblance, right?! Except there isn't any! So back to the drawing board I went for two long days. The results of those two loooooong days are below:

The left Choco was painted next. I repainted the body as well as I wanted a slimmer Choco. The Choco on the right is the same body as on the left but with a new head and face thanks to a little help from Photoshop. Even though the bodies in the image above are the same, the one on the left "looks" slimmer than the one on the right. This is all because of the head placement and how much of his neck is showing.

And just in case you're still wondering, this is the really, really big change I told you about. You should probably also know there's still another Choco coming as I am not totally pleased with either of these Chocos. There will be an update on Van later today too! Thanks for stopping by!

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. You are cloning these guys faster than I can look. And I love them all!!!

    and having a good giggle over your words.

  2. ...oh, interesting. I liked that first Choco, but after revisiting him, I guess I can see what you're talking about, but he still looks like a cute bunny to me!! However, I really like the new Choco on the right.

  3. Thanks, Teri, and Kelly, I still have a ways to go on the new Choco. The one on the right is closer to what I want, but as I said in the post, trying to make him look gentle and wise and of undetermined age is quite the tall order!

    At least he doesn't look like a monkbit!

  4. A monkbit? LOL!!!

    Will stay tuned to see how Choco looks after his "tune-ups".


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