Drum Roll, Please!! (UPDATED)

8:12 AM

Let me start with a great, big THANK YOU to everyone who left comments—what fun! I'm kind of sad to see it end....which tells me I'll probably be doing this again!! (I also have more art supplies that need a new home!)

As we were drawing the winner this morning, my husband commented that it was too bad we couldn't do something for 2nd and 3rd place as well. Since that's not possible, instead I have another idea....

In way of a consolation prize, I'm be posting a "how-to" tutorial on how to turn old, fragile papers into watercolor paper that can easily be painted on! Please check back later today.

So without further ado....our lovely tin watercolor palette goes to....

This is GORGEOUS! and very practical, too! I would be thrilled to win it. - jgr

jgr, please contact me via the email box on the sidebar to send me your mailing address!

THANKS again to everyone for playing!!


Update: Several of you (who do not need an intervention!) asked where I purchased the palette/tin. I bought it at the Papyrus store in San Francisco. There is an online Papyrus store as well, but they do not carry them. 

When I phoned and spoke with a woman at one of the stores in SF, she did not recognize the description of the tin and said they didn't have any more. She mentioned that these tins are usually seasonal items they receive with the graphics being season-appropriate. You might want to check anyway and see if they have something you like even better!! Good luck in your search!

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Congrats to jgr. Laure did you make the pallet up or did it come like that? How did you do it if you did.. you said it was painted white inside did you do that or it came that way? How big is the tin? Seeing this made me think I really need to get a throw in the purse thing going. I wanted to do some location sketching when we had company, but by the time I got my stuff together it was way to much and I just left it home.

  2. Thank you Laure!! I am thrilled. Also thank you to Cris and Carrol for your good wishes.

  3. If anyone is interested, I use a mint tin palette that you may want to make yourself.


    But the one Laure is giving away is so cute!!! I'm always on the lookout for neat tins.


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