It's Fall, y'all!

10:16 AM

I am so happy Autumn has arrived! It is truly my favorite season. Life seems to start slowing (fingers crossed), at least slowing enough that I can start to savor the passing of the days. There's a sweetness to the air when I go outside—on some days. Others, it's just plain muggy.
Yay! First pumpkins are showing up on the shelves!
Colors change, growing warmer, and the light changes especially. Love the long, cool shadows and warm golden light at the end of the day.
Just a few leaves have started to change color
I find that all I want to do is sit and paint leaves and pumpkins and landscapes and harvest corn and sunflowers and coneflowers and scarecrows and ravens and naked trees and tea bags and coffee mugs and outdoor fires and and and!
Dreaming of beautiful fall colors! 
Now, if the weather would cooperate and drop about 30 degrees, it would actually feel like fall—until then, I'll just have to live vicariously through all the folks living north of the Florida state line!

And if you'd care to join me on An Imaginary Visit To Autumn, you'll find more information here! It will be 4 all new classes to sip and savor Autumn's beauty. 

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