Making the Most Out of Downtime (House Renovations)

12:21 PM

It would seem that I'm going to get more "mileage" out of this house renovation than expected—both figuratively and literally. 
The project has"tentatively" expanded again, however, I'll be saving those details until we actually see if the product is going to work the way we want it to. But because the product is on clearance, I took myself over to the next county to pick up more boards—you've no idea how upset I would be if this works and we didn't have enough materials! It would NOT be pretty. 
It seemed only fair that if I were picking up the boards that I should have a little fun along the way. Since I had to pass a Hobby Lobby on my way to the store...I just had to stop on my way back! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), they didn't really have anything that spoke to me. 
Part of the problem was that I was hungry. There happened to be a cute little place called Firehouse Subs in the same shopping center and they were busy, busy, busy. It's a chain sub shop—you may even have one in your neighborhood. At this location, when you walk in the door, all the workers call out, "Welcome to Firehouse!" There is one woman who works there and she has a very strong northeastern (New York?) accent. It's always a treat to hear her!
"Welcome to Firehouse!"
Watercolor and Non-Permanent Ink
5.5" x 11"
Pineapple Sketchbook
I decided to do some sketching while I waited for my "Hook and Ladder" sub. One of the sandwich makers happened by as I was sketching and asked what I was doing. I replied I was sketching. She glanced at my sketch and then asked what I was sketching. I pointed to the wall with the "retired" fireman's jacket, pants, and boots. The hat was imaginary. I added it for balance. She glanced at the wall and back at the page and said, "That's pretty good...actually."

Her response made my day. I smiled the better part of the afternoon! 
I didn't have time to add color at the restaurant, so I did it last night from memory. I had used a non-waterproof pen to sketch and wasn't sure at the time if I would add color or not. 

I had lit a "autumn-season-smell-good-type of candle and as I was dousing the match in a stream of water, decided to set it aside to use later on my sketch. Once some of the water had dried, I used it to add "soot marks" to the fireman's outfit. I then used my finger to rub it in a little more. 

No one but me will ever know what I did, but that's okay. It was a fun way to add a touch of texture to the sketch!

Wishing y'all an awesome weekend...I will be embroiled in a home renovation. What will you be doing?

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Such an authentic drawing with soot on it. It is great. There is one of these places near a mall where I shop from time to time. I have never been in it though. Can't wait to see renovation sketches. Good luck with your project. I will be birding this weekend.

  2. Fun idea with the burnt match. I think it's just fine that you're the only one (aside from all of us) who knows about it. It's our little secret!

    Good luck this weekend. I'm taking tomorrow off because I'm about to lose my mind from being too busy with too many little details. Don't know about Sunday yet--will take that as it comes.

  3. Great sketch! This weekend my brother is in town visiting. More fun than home improvement projects (I hope!).

  4. I will be busy going back and reading posts and looking at your painting... so happy to have found your blog and am happily following so I don't miss any more of these wonderful works...xx

  5. Great job. She should see it painted. Love those compliments that come out of the blue. Enjoying the last of the Warm weather days this weekend. Who knows how many we will have to enjoy. Have fun with your house improvements. Its always fun when its all done. :)

  6. Nice work here Laure! And now everyone knows you secret too! :). Good luck on your home renovations!

  7. This is a darling sketch and a great way to remember the day. I love the 'sooty' marks on the uniform. Good job!

  8. I understand how you feel. Anyway, sometimes, all it takes is a little more push to find the materials you really want and need. Make sure to always be on the lookout for good deals. It means finding the materials that can work efficiently but have a justifiable price. Good luck on your home renovation! :)

    Tyrone Speelman


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