Create A Temporary, Faux Chinese Seal or Chop! 
They're not meant to last forever, but they're so much fun to make! Read the tutorial here.

Spring Tulips
Nothing says Spring to me the way tulips do! With so many different colors, it would be easy to fill an entire journal! Please check out the tutorial here.

Spring Garden Gloves
There is something special about elevating the mundane to something extraordinary and garden gloves are the perfect subject!

Enjoy a step-by-step tutorial creating a garden gloves journal page. Click on the link here

A Christmas Card Tutorial:

Please click on this link for the Christmas Cat Card Tutorial!

No Excuses Sketch Kit:

A simple, lightweight watercolor sketching kit idea. No more excuses—get out there and start sketching!

Waterbrush Tutorial:

Waterbrushes are one of my very favorite tools! A waterbrush is simply a brush tip attached to a hollow tube that you place water in. Making a mark with a waterbrush is every bit as spontaneous as making a mark with a pencil or pen. You no longer have to tote water with you everywhere you go because it's right there in the brush handle! You'll also find that it allows for greater creativity because there's no set up or clean up.

How Do You Paint Something White?!

“What Color Is White?” is a video that shows how to paint a white object with a limited color palette. White is seldom white. It is usually a myriad of other colors, all very light in value. 

Please visit ImaginaryTrips for classes!

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