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What I didn't share with you yesterday was that on my way home from having dinner with my FIL the window on my Jeep Liberty rolled down and wouldn't roll back up. It started a horrible racket every time you touched the button. Chris took a look at it when we got home, but he couldn't "see" anything because of the way Jeep "seals" their door panels. He would have had to remove the seal and we were concerned this would void the warranty.

I called the Jeep Service Department yesterday and they said bring it in, 8:00 AM, Friday morning. Okay. This morning we went and dropped the Jeep off and then went on to have breakfast. While eating, my phone rings and it's the dealership: We can fix it, but it's going to be Saturday before we have all of the parts. Do you want to leave your Jeep overnight or come back, pick back up and bring it back tomorrow?

Not having the best of luck with Service Departments in the past, we decided to go back and pick it up. When we got there they had taped the window closed - with DUCK TAPE!!! I kid you not! I could not believe my eyes! Chris looked at it and said, "Well, hell, I could have done that!!"

And it gets better. The dealership is located off from a six lane highway. I had no more than pulled in to traffic and gotten up to speed when the tape lets go and the window starts to slide back down into the door. I managed to catch the window before it slid completely into the door. I retaped it when I finally got home - with more duck tape. So if you see a girl with long blonde  hair riding around in a Blue Jeep Liberty with the window duck taped shut, wave. That'll be me stylin' with my duck tape!!! 

See what happens when you expect the best?!! You get duck tape. The very best duck tape too, no doubt! If nothing else, it's entertaining!

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3 Creative Thought(s)

  1. It's amazing what duck tape can be used for, isn't it?

  2. Yes, duck tape is a very useful tool - but this was THE dealership for crying out loud and the best they could do was duck tape?!!

    Oh well, hopefully tomorrow won't bring any more surprises and I'll get my truck back good as new . . . I hope!

  3. Too funny!

    And I thought only North Carolina mechanics used duct tape to repair vehicles!


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