Bring It On!

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Bring. It. On. That's what I've been saying to the Universe at Large since the before the beginning of the year. What I have realized in the last few days is that those were the words I was saying, but my actions were saying something quite different. And I couldn't understand why nothing seem to be happening.

I knew that I would have an uphill fight on my hands trying to launch an art career - that made money - in this economy. I knew from the getgo that I was going to have to be focused, sure of my intent for each day, and that it was going to take boldness to go where I was going to go. To help with that intent and need for boldness I chose "intent" and 'bold" for my word of the year.

And I started the year off with a bang - new blog, new Etsy store, new artwork, but somewhere in there, I lost my way. I lost my momentum, my focus, my intent, and my boldness. I was talking with Chris over the weekend about being dissatisfied with everything I had painted lately. I've been having a hard time focusing on art so instead I've been attacking our yard in the mornings. More signs pointing to the disconnect happening in my life and I did NOT see it. Until yesterday. 

I spent yesterday on the computer - organizing files, listing things in Etsy, updating my web site, building new design files, etc. and whining about it. Whining! What was I thinking?! This is the life I was born to live! And I'm whining? This is the short list of some of the things that hit me full on yesterday:
  • I've been painting a lot, but I don't have much to show for it in the way of sellable art work. (My sketchbook is my comfort spot. I've been spending a lot of time there lately. Too much as it turns out.)
  • I had not updated my web site in 8 months!
  • I had not included links to Etsy on the website and the old blog was still up from January! 
And here I've been telling the Universe to "bring it on" when my actions were saying was I really didn't believe in myself, my work, my ability or my talents. Because if I had believed in myself and my work I would have had my web site updated, I would have more work finished, and I would have had Etsy updated more frequently!  

It happened so slowly, that losing momentum, that I didn't notice. I'm lucky though in that I've realized it sooner rather than later. Now, with eyes wide open, I can look at the last few months and see that I've been stuck. I am also looking at the coming month and setting out goals for each week; time to evaluate each week to see how it went; to research some areas of possible new business; and to start moving forward again.

I share all this with you to invite you to look around at your life. It is the end of the first quarter of 2009. Perhaps it's time to take an assessment of how you're doing - are you meeting your goals? Do you need to write new ones? What needs focus? What needs more attention? What are your actions saying to the Universe?

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10 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Good for you on taking stock of the business side of your art and making revisions as necessary. I think it's something we have to keep doing... it's all too easy to slide into other projects.

    Funny that you should post on this subject- I spent a large part of this morning doing something I had planned to have done by January... refining the design on a brochure to distribute locally and see if I can get any nibbles on portrait commissions. I look around me at giants in the world of portraiture and quake in my shoes... but I've got to make a start or I'll never get anywhere. Besides, I won't be getting the giant prices they're getting either! So, after months of procrastinating (because I was quite sure that I wasn't ready) I'm in the short rows with the brochure and will have it out in a few places no later than next week. There, I made a time commitment! (Yikes!)

  2. Just so you know - I'll be checking in to make sure those brochures made it out! ;-)

    And yes, you're ready! Looking forward to reading about your progress and your first commission!

  3. it is amazing to me how much we are alike. I have been feeling like I forgot how to paint lately. I know it's because I have been too busy.

    You have taken that first step--realization of an issue. That means you are well on the way to resolve it.

  4. I hope you're right about me getting it resolved. I felt down right silly writing that post, but it's the truth. I got lost. I think I'm back, but for all I know, it could happen again.

    As to the being too busy, yeah, when I don't paint on a regular basis, it REALLY shows in my work. So we BOTH need to get busy!!

  5. RE: "checking on the brochures".... aaaaghh the pressure is on!

  6. ...funny...I talked to my hubby about the same thing, and I've spent the past couple of days organizing and cleaning, trying to get back on track! It's nice to know others are in the same boat. (However, I still think you do an amazing amount of artwork, and would never have guessed you felt derailed.)

  7. Thanks, Kelly, I don't know that I felt derailed up until the last few days when most of the pieces started following into place. It is amazing how much better I feel today as compared with Sunday, though.

    Progress is an odd creature, at least for me, in that it is never a linear (forward) path. It is more up, down, double back, cross over, left, then right, no left again, then forward before changing course yet again!

  8. Hi Laure. It sounds like you are getting back on track with your determination to set goals and to regularly evaluate your progress. I goal set constantly - for the week, for the month, for the day, for the morning... :-) you get the idea! I would be sunk if I didn't. I even write everything down. I find it amazing what I need to do that I can lose track of!

    So congratulations on your renewed focus - from words to action! You go girl!!

  9. Good questions and a great suggestion to do some reflection at this point in the year. My goals for 2009 were just to get some art into my day (aside from family and work obligations). I got a great start on the year in my sketchbook, but things slowed down a bit. I still have a few pages to post from last month....but it is time to do some new pieces. Reading the thoughts of everyone here gives me another push to get going again and comfort that I'm not alone. Thanks!!

  10. Art making is an ebb and flow process for me often driven by the events in my life. I do hope you're able to find your way back to the art making again! And, no, you're definitely not alone!


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