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Pink Tulip Original Watercolor ACEO
$24.00 + $1.50 Shipping

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to get so much done and get organized until you realize two days have gone by and you haven't created any art! Still, I'm glad to have gotten caught up on some of this stuff and I have more to do, but I think a little each day will get me there. A few more tweaks to the web site and it will be caught up. My business cards are now up to date with my new blog and Etsy addresses added. I have updated Flickr and Etsy with the latest links. And I have identified a number of other things that need doing but are not so pressing that everything else has to stop until they're done.

Last night I was digging around looking for acetate envelopes in some old storage boxes when I ran across this sweet little ACEO. I took some pink tulips into work one morning to put on my desk. One of the tulips just would not stand up. The floppy tulip was right in my site line whenever I glanced at my phone. It seemed to be begging to be painted and I just couldn't resist - isn't it sweet?! I remember setting the painting aside after I painted it with the intention of putting a background on it because it just looked unfinished to me. That was 2007. Fast forward to April 1st, 2009, and I finally put a background on it. Geez, where does the time go?! Anyway, I'm offering it here and then will move it over to Etsy in a few days.

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. is sweet, and I like the polka dot background!

  2. Thanks, Kelly! It needed something, but not a lot and I thought the polka dots did the trick too!

  3. I wish I could paint, I wish I could paint such detail on such a small car, it must take patience and talent.

  4. Karie-Ann, anyone who can handle a pencil the way you do would have no trouble wielding a brush! But you have no need of a brush when you have your pencils!

  5. Wow, you have going like a house afire!!

    Beautiful tulip.

  6. indeed where does the time go!?!? But it sounds like you are getting heaps done!
    I LOVE tulips and yours is so sweet


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