Daily Practice - Thor

5:55 PM

Thor, God of Thunder and Dog Biscuits - Final
© Laure Ferlita, All Rights Reserved

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is Thor in all his glory! All I'm going to say is I am so glad this is just a practice run and not the real deal! This held quite a few challenges - always a good thing to get out of that comfort zone. You appreciate oh so much more when you can get back in it!! : )

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10 Creative Thought(s)

  1. My goodness...I'm at a loss for words. If it looked like a photo before, it really does now. He is gorgeous!!! I also love the cool background. I love your painting style.

  2. Thank you, Kelly, it was a learning piece that's for sure!

  3. BEAUTIFUL DOG!!!! Happy Spring Dear garden friend.

  4. It becomes more awesome everyday!!!

  5. Laure, this is awesome! I love the unusual angle and he's so lifelike I can almost hear him panting!

    You did a great job my friend!

  6. He looks like such a Marley. Great use of perspective and nice delicate use of colour.

  7. Thanks everyone, for your wonderful comments!

    Andrea, I had forgotten about Marley, and you're right he does look like that.

  8. Great lense effect and details in your painting!


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