Two More Bloggin' Bloggy Awards

9:35 AM

To my surprise and delight, I've been given two more blog awards! I think one of the things that makes the blogging community so special is the support we show one another with regard to our various pursuits. Whether you're an artist, author, birder, cook, gardener, musician, a combination of these or something else entirely, there's always something to see, to learn, and to share, a kind word of encouragement, a hello, or a way-to-go to be found in the comments!

The first award is Van Gogh's Ear from Kelly of Red and the Peanut! (Thank you, Kelly!) I have learned so much from Kelly's blog and look forward to learning a lot more about birds and their calls, nests, habitats, and the like. Kelly is a great photographer as well as a budding artist and has recently been sharing some of her artwork. Please do pop over and say hello! (I must say I love the creativity and thought that went into an award styled on Van Gogh's ear!)

The second award is A Passion for Painting from Karie-Ann over at Pet Portraits and Wildlife! (Thanks Karie-Ann!) Karie-Ann does a phenomenal job creating colored pencil portraits of both domestic and wild animals. Her blog is definitely worth a visit for a dose of creativity and talent!

With this award comes another list of seven things I love. In no particular order:
early foggy mornings • santa's white christmas coffee by barnie's • getting lost in the "moment" of painting when the world falls away • true creativity • birds' nests • the blogging community • making "friends" with folks in other countries such as Belgium, Canada, England, and Sweden, just to name a few.

And as always you're suppose to pass this on to seven more blogs. I'm breaking with that strategy and instead want to introduce you to a few more blogs that I enjoy immensely. Again, in no particular order:

Teri at Teri's Painted Daisies - Teri's always got something on the go from daisies to cactus!
Andrea at Colouring Outside the Lines - check out Andrea's awesome bird artwork, not to mention her wonderful photography!
Teresa at Teresa Mallen Studio - Teresa is another fantastic colored pencil artist as well as a motivational teacher. Well worth the read!
Donna at the Happy Painter - this lady is just flat out creative and her work is always fresh and fun!
Chuck at My Quirks and My Compass - Chuck is an author and he shares daily excerpts from the novel is currently working on. He always leaves you wanting more!
Toni at A Spattering - another very creative artist, Toni's artwork is outstanding!
Sheona at Black on Grey on White - a fine artist using graphite, her work is exquisite!

I do hope that you'll check out all of these blogs for a dose of creativity and motivation! Each is outstanding in their own way! Again, many thanks to Kelly and Karie-Ann as well as to the kind blogging community at large for welcoming me and making me feel a part of something very special!

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Congrats Laure! Well-deserved and earned.

    Thanks for the mention also. I am familiar with only some of these blogs so have to go do some visiting.

  2. ...thanks for the kind words, Laure, and congratulations on your awards! I love visiting your site everyday, for fun and inspiration!

  3. Congratulations Laure on your awards! Thank you for your kind words and for 'the press' :-) I am delighted that you like visiting my blog.

    I hope the printer search is successful. I am not that happy with mine so I don't have helpful advice to give.

    Liam is a real winner and I see a great future ahead for him!! You go girl!

  4. Congrats AND thanks Laure! I'm going to check out these blogs right now!

  5. Congrats! You're doing an outstanding job with both your art and your blog!

  6. Laure, Thank you again. You are very deserving of these awards. Keep painting!

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    Teresa Mallen, thanks for the endorsement of Liam. He's a charmer!

    Donna, you deserve the mention - your work is great!

    Teresa, thanks, I may not have done this if it weren't for you!! : )

    Toni, thanks for the kind words!


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