Two New Notecard Sets Added To My Shop!

11:06 AM

I have just added two new sets of notecards to my online store Painted Thoughts!

The first set is a set of four (4) notecards of the Pink Spring Tulips:

The second set is also a set of four (4) notecards of the sweet little nest found in a friend's neighbor's yard in North Carolina:

I just love that little nest! I'm not sure what it is about nests, but they seem to touch a lot of us. If you are interested in either set, please click on the link above or in the side bar. Thanks!

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3 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I bought both of these prints and they are gorgeous. I love them...and now you have them in notecards! I know people will love being on the receiving end of your cards and will probably end up framing them!

  2. Thank you, Kelly! I am so glad you liked the prints. A neighbor of my FIL's requested these and I thought that since I was doing some for her, I would put them in the shop as well.

  3. both such sweet images, what is it about nests?
    Yours is truly lovely and I love the angle you chose.
    Ooh and the tulips too - I would say they are in my top 10 flowers of all time!


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