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Above is the first page of the vacation journal I put together after each of our vacations to a cabin up in the Smoky Mountains.  As you can see from the date, I'm running a little behind. Oh well, at least I'm getting there bit by bit. 

Even though we went in November that year, the leaves had not all fallen and they were beautiful! I brought back a box full and some of them still have touches of color. When I'm really missing the mountains, I go play in my box of leaves. Guess what I did today?

There is a restaurant that is situated in an apple orchard and is appropriately named The Apple House. They have the best apple fritters! Yum! When they're hot, they fantastic. They also serve their own cider and apple cobbler. We went for breakfast one morning and the little Eastern Bluebirds were everywhere flying in and out of trees, to the ground, up to the windows of the restaurant and back - it was like watching an airport!

This little guy came and sat by our window twice while we were eating. Unfortunately, my photos were not particularly good, but good enough to get a painting of our friend. The locals were telling us that the orchard owners let horses into the orchard to graze on the "falls" or fallen apples. They said it was especially beautiful on foggy mornings.

Can't you just see a couple of black and white paints fading in and out of the fog grazing on the falls with apple trees and mountains for a backdrop?! I can! Like a lot of folks, we didn't go on vacation last year and who knows if we'll get to go this year, but I'm going back to that orchard. My intent is to get enough photo references to paint the image whether I actually get to see the horses in the orchard or not. And I can hardly wait!

What did you dream of today?

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I love how you handled the bluebird! As for me, no dreams today (except hoping that the duct cleaners don't find a dead cat or soemthing...) though I did dream last night! Mostly about being on the west side of Vancouver Island where the clams and mussels are huge and the surfing amazing -- except you have to wear a wetsuit it's so cold! (D'oh! Did I get off topic? :)

  2. your painted Fall colors type is amazing, what a beautiful journal. The smoky Mts are really special, we went in May of last year and climbed Mt Le Conte it was stunning.
    TOday I dreamed of oceans, rivers and mountains - ahhhhh.
    Have a lovely weekend

  3. Oh, Andrea, too funny! A dead cat?! Think you would have noticed that!

    Had crazy dreams last night - wish I'd been dreaming about West Vancouver Island - sounds marvelous!

  4. ...this is beautiful. The Eastern Bluebird is so cute, and I love how you made the letters the mixed colors of fall leaves. Very creative and a perfect memory...

  5. Love this fat little bird, and the leave in the next post too. Gorgeous colours. I really ought to dust off my paintbox...


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