Introducing Thor!

3:22 PM

Thor, God of Thunder and Dog Biscuits

This is puppy Thor! All 96 pounds of happy, wiggling, bouncy Labrador puppy! He lives down the street with Luke, his older adopted brother, another big Lab, and Mom and Dad. He is about a year old and has just started his second round of puppy training. Thor is a white lab with a definite leaning towards yellow though you may not have guessed it from the WIP above. 

Thor and Mom come by in the mornings to visit when I'm out working in the yard as I was this morning. And oh, what a glorious morning it was! Foggy with a slight breeze that was just wonderful because it's muggy. (We're suppose to get rain at some point, but the forecasters don't seem to be able to pinpoint what day. Or night.) The squirrels were chasing each other around, the cardinals were calling back and forth all over the neighborhood, a Sand Hill crane flew over calling his very distinctive cry, the frogs were croaking, and it was just a joy to be out there! The other neighbor's cat stopped by for a visit and I even saw a grasshopper - surely a harbinger of Spring!

Getting back to Thor, the other morning I asked Mom if I could take some photos to sketch from and she agreed. Thor is much too busy to sit still long enough to be sketched. This morning I had my camera handy, but Thor was a bit on the rambunctious side and I wasn't quick enough to take any good shots. Thor thought the camera was a toy and he thinks I'm his play toy anyway. 
After coming in today from the garden (yard), I had some computer work to do as well as some other stuff that had to be done. Once it was completed, I was free to go paint! Yay! The drawing above is a composite of 3 different photos. I didn't get started until after lunch, and I had just taken a break when I realized I had not blogged today! Oops! Maybe I forgot because it feels so wonderful to be back in the studio with the world falling away as I paint the essence of a 96 pound goofball. How's your day going? Are you using all your colors??

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7 Creative Thought(s)

  1. He sounds beautiful and from the peek, I can't wait to 'see' him. Good day to show us as everyone is featuring their dogs today.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Teri, I didn't know it was "Doggie Thursday - I love happy coincidences! He is a gorgeous hound - just hope I do him justice.

  3. Beautiful, soulful eyes!! Can't wait to watch him evolve on paper.

  4. Hi Laure, great work on his eye! I didn't know that there were white labs. I look forward to seeing this develop.

  5. Hi, Teresa, thanks! Thor's older brother is definitely a white lab. Thor has a strong yellow leaning. Apparently his dad was white and his mom was chocolate and they think that's why he's so yellow. I don't know much about the pedigree stuff. I just know he's a sweetie!

  6. Thor... god of thunder... could this be too many biscuits, LOL Seriously, he's a total darling. They are wonderful at that age, all paddly paws.

    BTW thanks for visiting my blog, and do let me know if you use the email button.

  7. Thanks for visiting, Susie, and yes, I'm using the button!


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