"Is he still here?"

1:33 PM

     "Are you looking for Liam?" I asked. "He left a little while ago. He was getting a little bored with our session so I suggested that he come back later."

     "No, I'm not really looking for him. Oh well, it's probably just as well" said the lovely young rabbit though it seemed to me there was a hint of disappointment in her voice.
     "Are you Raella*? You must be as you're the only female rabbit in the story so far. Please come in!"  
     "How did you–oh, you're the writer/artist person, aren't you? Van mentioned you the other evening. Yes, I'm Raella. I live up the trail from Choco and Van. We all grew up together though that seems a lifetime ago."
     "Isn't that the definition of life well lived, one filled with many lifetimes?" I asked. Something seemed a bit off as though Raella was saddened or dissatisfied by the recent events in her life.
     "I suppose. I mean, it's been fun and at times a little frightening, but somehow it just seems like . . . ." she slowed to a stop and shrugged.
     "This wasn't what you had planned? Something's missing? It hasn't been as much fun as you thought it would be?" I prompted.
     "Maybe I'm just homesick" she hedged. "Maybe I just need to go home or at least that's what I had thought. Up until Van got here."

*This is the first draft of the lovely Raella and so far she seems quite pleased with how she looks. Unlike others she's not demanding complete remakes, just some fine tuning. 

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7 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Wow! You're quick! And thanks - so far she's been one of the "easier" character creations.

  2. ...she's dainty and sweet. Love the eyelashes!!

  3. Her facial expression goes along with the text perfectly! Good job, Laure!

  4. Thanks, Kelly and Teresa, it seems some of the characters are easier than others. Maybe it's because she's a girl . . . .

  5. Her eyelashes are stunning I wish mine were like that, she is so pretty.

  6. Thanks, Amy, I think I must be living vicariously through my characters - I don't have eyelashes like that either. My husband does. Along with the gorgeous hair!


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