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8:36 PM

Pinwheel ACEO/ATC
© Laure Ferlita

Remember playing with one of these?!! I saw a little girl with one of these yesterday and she was completely fascinated. She kept trying to see how fast it would twirl around as she tried to run faster. She was giggling, running, tumbling and just having a ball. Hers was made of sparkly mylar with a hologram pattern in bright pinks and purples, and it also had eight sections instead of four. It reminded me of the simple pleasures of childhood.

I found myself wondering how to capture the sunshine and giggles of a four year old's fascination and translate/transfer it into a forty-something year old's life. My best effort so far is color - lots of color - as in all the colors of my paintbox - and I have lots of colors! I'm going to keep playing with this theme of adding/finding/keeping simple joys alive in my artwork, in my life.

We also had our first slice of watermelon yesterday! Oh so good and sweet! Remember seed spitting contests and juice running down to your elbows and the watermelon being so cold it hurt your teeth?! What simple, silly, fun things do you do to add sunshine to your grown up life? To your artwork? Please share! 

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. ...wear boots and splash in the creek looking for salamanders! (I love your did capture the feel of freedom and light!!)

  2. A beautiful and wonderful memory.

  3. Your pinwheel is so happy and bright!

    What do I do to add fun to my grown up life? (I didn't know I was grown up!) hmmmm.... put on some old rock 'n roll and dance in the kitchen while I'm cooking, indulge in a bowl of peach ice cream when I know I shouldn't, picking wildflowers and enjoying the outdoors.

  4. This is wonderful and really brings back some memories!


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