Easter Cards Are Available!

8:42 PM

These are the Easter cards I mentioned earlier in the week - I finally managed to get a decent photo of them and I will be adding them to Etsy! The cards are blank on the inside so that you can send your own personal greeting.

These cards are printed on premium, bright white card stock and are accompanied by matching envelopes. The folded card size is 5.5" by 4.25". The back gives the title and artist name as well as all the copyright information.

Once these are listed on Etsy, the price will be 4 for $6.50 and 8 for $12.00. If you would like to go ahead and purchase them now from the blog, the prices are 4 for $6.00 and 8 for $11.00 plus $1.00 for shipping for either set. These will go live on Etsy Friday morning. Thanks for stopping by!

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I love how you handled the paper shavings in the basket.

  2. Gee, these cards feel so close to my heart since I 'saw' you doing them!! So sweet.

  3. I love these Happy Easter cards!!

  4. Thanks, Andrea, and thanks for stopping by!

    Thank you, Teri, it does make a difference when you see them created doesn't it?

    Thanks, Kelly!

  5. most incredible - wow!
    very nice.


  6. so sweet fresh and lovely - just like spring!

  7. Thank you, Chuck, and welcome! I did a quick hop over to your blog - I'll be going back! Very entertaining!

    Yes, Teresa, if I want to keep this life, I'm going to have to finance it!

    Thank you, Amy, I seem to have a strong case of Spring fever this year!


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