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Sketched from life in my Nature Sketchbook

I found the leaf above while I was out in "Dogdom" today. Dogdom is what I call our backyard where our lovely four legged friends rein supreme. The leaf looks like it was on its way to being a nice bright Spring leaf. I'm guessing our storms earlier this week ended that. I love the stark contrast between the yellow, yellow-green and the brown. No gentle fading for this leaf. 

I often find Nature leaves me little "gifts" or "treasures" when I get out and spend time in Dogdom and if Nature doesn't, the dogs usually have something to share. Today, after I fed the dogs, Andi became very excited about getting her treats after dinner - just like she's done for the last nine years. She runs around me in circles, and then jumps straight up and down like she's on springs!

It reminded me to stop and take time to enjoy the small treats in life - no matter if they're the same treats, at the same time, in the same place for the last nine years! Celebrate! Shortly after this demonstration on celebrating small things, Specky brought me her soda bottle to toss around. She doesn't like balls. Her love in life is empty 2-liter soda bottles. After tossing it 3 or 4 times, she dropped the bottle, ran to me and rolled to her back for a tummy scrub. Know what you want - fun is good, love is better!  

Hope you have a fabulous weekend with lots of fun things to celebrate!

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Ahh!! What a sweet post. Your dogs sound like they are a lot of fun, and your painting is gorgeous. I have to slow down every now and then too...thanks for the reminder!

  2. One of my little treats is looking at your work, my dear! I love the journal cover post too! You are SOOO neat. I am jealous. :-)


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