Oh No! Another One!?!

8:37 AM

Moby Cat
I would love to tell you that I haven't lost my mind, but at this point…I'm not so sure.

I would love to tell you that Chris has lost his either, but again, there is evidence to the contrary...
"You work too much! Pay attention to ME!"
The darling creature you see above is Moby Cat, the latest new Ferlita family member. She is a 3-month-old Maine Coon. She's smart, she's intrepid and she is already leading Willis (our other new baby) around.
"I'm soooo tired. That runt is just too much trouble."
Willis follows the kitten around from the time they get up until the time they crash (literally) and pass out. After much hissing and growling, it seems Willis has decided the new interloper is probably here to stay and it's her job to keep an eye on the insolent child. It's an exhausting job as you can see.

Joey, our oldest cat, was unavailable for this photo shoot as he has taken to permanently hiding out under either the bed or the treadmill. Again, much growling can be heard as he and Moby haven't had a chance to interact much yet. Kind of hard to do when you've wedged yourself into a space only a mouse would normally fit in.
"I said YOU are NOT paying ME enough attention!
I'm much cuter than this dumb old box!"
Meanwhile, Moby and I are trying to come to amicable terms with regard to computer use. She likes it because it's warm and I have to pay attention to her. She doesn't seem too much into the negotiations. Her attitude is more along the lines of "my way or the highway."

Despite the upheaval, she's love personified. Touch her and she purrs and butts her little head up into your hand. She's gentle…she's been in the house for over a week and she hasn't scratched me yet.
"Wow, you throw away the coolest things, human!"
Moby is also a climber, explorer and adventuress. Above, she's checking out the trash can under my desk in the studio.

Which brings me to my latest thought…isn't Christmas gonna be a blast this year with not one, but TWO tiny terrors!?!


If you're wondering what cataclysmic events transpired that we would have not one, but TWO small (and adorable) creatures joining our lives, I'll tell you that it was simply a conversation with a friend.

Kathy, over at Catching Happiness,  decided it was time for some furry love in her life. She didn't have anyone going with her as she looked for her new companion so I volunteered. My sweet husband decided to go along to "keep me from bringing home any more 'damn' cats!" (Tactical error there, my dear husband!)

Here are the happy humans holding their new charges:
Don't they look happy!?!
 And now, all I can say is, "let the adventures begin!"

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. How Adorable! I agree with you and Chris, that little one would be hard to walk away from! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you! Yes, she was and is just too cute for words.

  2. God made kitty's so dang cute to sucker you into getting them and by the time they get grown, puking up hairballs, scratching up the furniture and taking over a house hold you are to smitten to care. :) Congrats. Been there and still doing that. :))

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one, Cris, and yes, I have to agree with you!

  3. Oh love those babies. My husband won't even let me drop off goodies to the shelter because I tend to bring furry babies home. He or a friend has to take my donations. Hope you and your family have wonderful Thanksgiving. btw I love your 'November notes of gratitude.' You have given me pause to remember to be thankful for my friends, family and the goodness in life on a daily basis.

    1. I suspect I'll not be allowed anywhere near the pets or the shelters for quite some time to come, Clare!

      Thanks for letting me know about the "Notes." They've gone a long way towards reminding me that I have far more to be thankful for than I sometimes realize.

  4. I can't go to the shelters at all or I will bring something home. It's not that I don't want to save any more animals but I am one over my limit as far as the HOA knows since we also have an indoor cat they don't know about! We snuck the last dog in under the guise of moving and new rules being voted on grandfather in those with more than 3 pets already. My husband isn't inclined to let me go either.

    I sure hope your old kitty will finally adjust to the new ones but let's face it, older kitties pretty much sleep the day away and are happy with a small amount of attention sometime during day or night.

    1. You're too funny, Timaree! Glad to know you were able to keep all your furry friends.

  5. I should not have visited your blog today...now I want a new baby too and I already have four bad cats and two dogs...kittens are the best - your Christmas decorations and tree just might be in danger. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    1. That's where we used to be…four cats and four dogs. We eventually got down to one cat and one dog as recently as August. If you love animals, it's darn hard to say no!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, Debbie!

  6. What a lively household you have now. I know it is fun.

  7. Ha reminds me of my Lily who still after all these years will get me off of the computer when on to long.

  8. ...aaahhhhh! I love hearing about the interactions of the kitties. It will be a hoot at Christmas. Hopefully they aren't tree climbers! (Although that can be funny. Years ago we had a kitty who seemed to spend the entire season in the tree. Have fun!


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