Painting In High Winds - Not Recommended

7:32 AM

Windy Day
Cachet Watercolor Journal
7 x 10 inches
Watercolor & Coptic Ink
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You'd think I would have more sense than to go out the day after Hurricane Irene passed through and try to paint on location. You'd be wrong. I wanted to test out a new stool I'd purchased the weekend before. So off I went on Saturday morning.

The winds were stripping the crape myrtle blossoms off the trees and cascading them through the air onto the surface of this very dirty pond. At times, it looked like pink froth!

The winds were steady with periodic gusts up to 40-45 mph.

Did I have a clip to hold the pages? No, but I had my new stool.

Did I have a band to hold the pages? No, but I had my new stool.

Did I have a grand time juggling my pages and my palette in high winds? No, but I did get to test out my new stool!

The new stool is a Byer Tri-Lite Stool. I'm testing out various stools for the upcoming trip to New Orleans! Click here for more information.
I don't recommend this stool for sketching. It is a bit unstable even with the additional leg support and twice, I thought I was going to tip over! The weather really played no role in this tipping nonsense. Both times I was either stretching or reaching for something.

Too bad it didn't work out as it's quite light and folds up to 13 inches! Not bad! I have a new stool on order, so I'll let you know how that one works out.

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17 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I took a stool like that to a workshop once and was so pleased with myself until I used it--the 3 legs sank into the ground everywhere. I gave up and finally sat right on the ground! Haaa. Live and learn. Love the way you incorporated "windy" into your sketch--even looks windy.

  2. I never have my clips when I need them, only when I don't need them!

  3. Thanks for always giving us such great info on art supplies. I have wondered if I want to get a stool so will be looking for your finds.

  4. I have never found a 3-legged stool that is stable. Might as well look for the lightest fold-up chair you can find and be done with it IMHO.

  5. Your sketch is beautiful in any case!! One would never know that you were having "issues!" I LOVE the way you incorporated the script among the clouds.

    I am so wishing that I could make that trip to New Orleans with you guys!! Such a great city. . . you are sure to have a grand time! I hope you will consider another "painting holiday" in the future.

  6. I'm with Betty! I will send you info on a stool - very light that's been recommended.... just have to find where I safely stored the info :)

  7. You managed to capture the feel of the windy day in spite of your issues. Which stool did you order? I've ordered the one from REI - couldn't pass up the sale. I hope it's more stable than yours!

  8. This is so timely, as I too want to find a good stool to sit on while painting out doors.
    If one does have to resort to a chair do the arms get in the way of holding one's sketch pad?
    I'd imagine a chair might be good as one could sling a bag of art supplies over an arm or the back?
    I hope this conversation continues as I'd like to hear what others do. I am not planning to use an easel. I will be painting for the first time among others at an outdoor art plein air "contest".
    Oy, I said it. I guess I am really going to do it. Thanks for telling me I also need something to hold the paper still as it will be October and could be breezy I imagine.

  9. I really forget all about clips. Mostly I don't paint outside at least here at home where it's almost always windy. I can see how that stool would be tippy with the legs not reaching at least to the edges of the seat. I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I was laughing out loud as you kept saying "No, but I had my new stool". I bet you weren't laughing while struggling with stool and wind but you brought home a really pretty picture. I think the way windy is floating in the air adds to it. I'll stay tuned as you try out the next stool and I'll try to remember to add clips to my going out stash.

  10. Glad to know I'm not the only one, Sue! I thought about flinging it into the pond but that wouldn't have been nice to the fishies!

    Jacqueline, I can assure you that next time I'll have them as I have already put them in my bag. The time after that? Anybody's guess!

    Teri, stay tuned....more info coming!

    Lisa, I have another 3 legged-stool that I don't have any problems with, but it's 22 inches long and I don't want to have to tote it all over NOLA. So the search goes on! If you can direct me to a collapsible, lightweight chair, I'll take it!

  11. Thanks, Betty, it seems I always have issues! LOL! Wish you could come to NOLA! It's gonna be a blast!

    Thank you, Pam—please do send me any info you have! The search is on!

    Cheryl, I've ordered two stools. Since I already have one similar to the REI stool, I opted for something different. Will share soon!

    Lynn, congrats on the plein air contest! You'll have soooo much fun! As to your best suggestion is to pick the chair you like and sit in it with your journal and act like you were sketching to see if the arms interfere. Some will, some won't. I generally go with some type of stool so that it's easier to transport to and from my sketching spots.

    Let us know how it goes, and by all means, pack those clips!

    Glad you enjoyed it, Timaree! No, I wasn't laughing nor enjoying the situation. Saturday would have been a good day to have stayed in bed! And pack those clips!!

  12. ...interesting, Laure! I can't wait to see what happens when you go out for your next test! I'm looking for a stool too.
    p.s. I love the journal page!

  13. I am the stool queen of the West Coast. I think I have tried them all. You gain a lot of stability with your three legged stool if you place your feet far apart .... but then you lose your lap to put the sketchbook on.

    Most stools are way too tall for my taste. I want to be able to put most of my stuff on the ground (water, paint ....) and hold the sketchbook in my lap. So my favorite stool is a funny little folding step stool that keeps me only about 8 inches off the ground .... not very suitable for the city.

    Sheer bliss is a low folding chair ... a nice back and once again, close enough to the ground so everything is in easy reach.

    And anyone who tries to paint in the tail end of a hurricane is a brave soul!

  14. Wow, you really captured a nice painting under those conditions!

  15. LOL! Ever the intrepid Laure! She'll brave the winds and the wild weather in the name of art ;-)

  16. It's fun to read about all your adventures sketching outdoors--glad you didn't tip over! Or fling the stool into the pond...

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