Fail. Epic Fail.

10:20 AM

Two posts back (here), I laid out clear goals for the new sketchbook...keep it LOOSE and leave lots of WHITE SPACE. So what did I do? I promptly blew one of the goals!

Watercolor on Handmade Paper
in bound journal
Art size - 5.5 x 5 inches
I knew I was in trouble shortly after I started this. The vision of this art in my head was much, much looser with just some detail around his eyes and nose.

I did not take into account the paper. Or all those wonderful little details just begging to be painted with patience and precision!

So. Fail. At least with regard to the goals.

The dog belongs to "superheroine" Lani Harmon, whom I recently met (in person) at the Uplevel Your Purpose retreat. She said that Spot was so exhausted after they came home that all he wanted to do was sleep—he couldn't even be bothered to follow them around the house! Lani is a very talented photographer—check out her fabulous work here!

Full page view of Spot
Page size 8 x 8 inches

Two things really surprised me about, this was quite enjoyable to paint. I s..l..o..w..e..d down and consciously chose to get lost in the details. Second, the paper is proving to be a lot of fun to paint on! Who knew!

I've looked all over the book and its packaging for some idea of who made it because I'm gonna want another one now and there is NOT the first clue as to who made it! Drats!

Still, I'm sure I'll find it or something similar when I go looking.

Now, what "mistakes" or "epic failures" have you been creating?!!

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19 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I wish my FAILS looked so good. This is lovely.

  2. This is priceless. Looks like you have lots of fun and fell in love with the subject. Wish my Fails were this good too. :))

  3. Awesome painting - such a beautiful face!

  4. What a sweet expression on that furry face. I think rules are made to be broken. My backgrounds constantly give me fits.

  5. You may not have met one of your goals, but he's absolutely delightful.

  6. He came out so well! He's adorable. I guess sometimes you just have to let go of the goals and do what comes!

    I was doing the 30 self-portraits with Violette and since I should have done no. 11 today but have only done 4 you could say I am failing. I won't say failed because I intend to keep going even if it takes more than the 30 days.

  7. This little guy has so much expression. No wonder you kept on painting.

  8. He's perfect! What a painting!

  9. What a sketch/painting!! Both Wayne and I went....AWWWWW as soon as we saw it!! Beautiful work on your part, you immortalized Spot!!!

  10. It was good that you failed - adorable little dog!

  11. I don't care what it was supposed to be, it's perfect just as is. I love it. Couldn't have been better.

  12. ...I agree with everyone else...this guy is just as he should be. Looser and that weary expression would have been lost. I think your muse took over and led you to the right place!

  13. Wow! This is fantastic! I see lots of white around perfect pug :)

  14. If this is an "epic fail," what do your "successes" look like??? I love how you've captured the sweet expression on his face with all those details. Apparently, Sam would not be denied!

  15. Well he looks terrific, so maybe I'd better get some of that paper too!!

  16. Our best intentions are so often siderailed by life (and us)! I'm glad you let your right brain lead you into creating this wonderful painting! Tell your left brain to organize something else! ;-)

    P.S. Same problem with my brain...

  17. Wonderful, Laure! I love this sweet one--you really captured this cute little dog.


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