Hints of Autumn (And I Mean Hard-To-Find Hints!)

5:26 AM

It is entirely possible that I jumped the gun looking for Autumn in August, but when you live in the land of perpetual summer you tend to look for anything that suggests the temperatures (or humidity) are going to drop sometime before January!

The colorful specimen above was waiting patiently on our driveway as I walked to the mailbox back in August. Yes, August. Waaaaaaaaay too early I know, but a girl has to have hope!
My next leaf sketch was over a month later and while the beetles do come around every fall to munch on the Air Potato vines, this wasn't so much an Autumn post as it was a, "isn't that an interesting texture!"

The leaf changed drastically over the few days I had it in the house. It curled up and the color shifted (it basically left) in about three days time. It was a fun experiment and served to keep my mind occupied so I quit worrying about other things out of my control.

I have caught and released several more fine leaf specimens as I haven't been making time to sketch these last few weeks. Between classes and prepping for Jekyll Island, it's been a bit nutty around here!

There are also several fall "projects" calling my name that I'd really love to try...if I can find the time! Maybe between 3 and 4...AM!

What are you working on? An fall sketching going on in your sketchbook?

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