Oh Bother.

9:51 PM

I do have the best of intentions, but sometimes I really let them get me into a jam. Take today for instance. I was speaking to my mom on the phone around 2:30 this afternoon. She asked if Chris and I would like to come over for burgers. Instead of just saying sure, sounds great, I said "Well, I put a huge pot of stew in the crockpot this morning. Why don't you guys come over here instead." And of course, she agreed. 

Now those of you who have read this blog for any length of time know that I am not the greatest of housekeepers. I simply have better things to do, and I don't see how having a clean house is going to help me be a better artist - unless I practice drawing in the dust on the tabletops. But even I know that you have to clean up before your mother comes over. In. 3. Hours. Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!! If only I had thought that one through, but no, no. Begin speed housecleaning. 

Actually, it wasn't too bad and Chris gets brownie points for pitching in. And for not being mad at me for obligating him on his one weekend day off. He had a trade show on Saturday. (He didn't mind and he is truly wonderful about helping around the house.) We had a lovely time with my folks, clean up was easy and I still had a bit of time to go to the studio since I goofed off this morning. 

All of this is my way of saying I have no art to post tonight. Well, that's not true. I have no art I'm willing to post tonight. I painted some more pears. They look like they got left out in the rain. Maybe hailed on. Or caught in a tornado. They're just pathetic. And no amount of fixing is going to fix them so they're headed for the round file. I hate it when that happens! Oh bother.

P.S. I do have to admit though, it's a great way to get your house clean in record time. Now I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week! : )

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