The Jeep Saga Continues

4:55 PM

Chris calls me this afternoon from work to ask me if I had given the dealership his mobile number when I took the Jeep in this morning. Now why would I do that, I'm wondering. and say as much. It seems they called him and left a garbled message on his mobile. He suggests I might want to call them back. Then again, I might not. Want to call them back.

So I call the duck tape specialists (DTS) back, and asked why they called my husband's number and not mine. The conversation went something like this:
DTS: Ummmm, because that's the number you gave us. (Do not confuse ineptitude with blonde. Sometimes it's brunette.)
Me: No, it's not. I gave you my number. Which is the number you called this morning.
DTS: Okay. (Okay? Okay what?) So, like, we have an issue. It's Friday. (Yes. Friday the 13th!) And we can't get your window tinted on Saturday so you'll have to come back in again on Monday to have the window tinted. But we'll go ahead and replace the window tomorrow. Is that okay? (NO!)
Me: Can I just wait until Monday and have all the work done on one day?
DTS: Oh. If you want to. Yeah, we can do that instead.

Now, I don't know about you, but I've yet to meet a dealership waiting room that I wanted to spend not one, nor two, nor three days in. The idea of having to go back a second and then a third time held very little appeal to me, but the person on the phone seemed rather surprised at my reluctance to spend my time in their waiting room. 

And now I get to spend Monday in their waiting room. Should be fun actually as I have come up with a diabolical plan to hurry them up. You see, Chris had a tradeshow last weekend and he brought me a kazoo (from another vendor) . . . . . a noisy, squawky, irritating kazoo. I took it with me this morning. I was going to paint while I waited. (Part of my plan to overcome my fear of painting in public places.)

Except I didn't have to wait. I painted it this afternoon. Lousy job too. Looks like a submarine. I'll have to do it again. Maybe Monday while I'm waiting on the Jeep . . . .    I figure once I paint it, I'll start "playing" it. To entertain everyone. That should hurry them up, don't you think!?? 

From My Handbook Sketchbook

I also had the chance to draw Joey as he fell asleep in my studio chair. He was sitting upright with his eyes closed, bobbing and weaving. I had about 3 minutes before he crashed over with a thump. He looks like a youngster in this drawing, but he's really about four years old.  It's a good start. Maybe I'll get further next time.

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3 Creative Thought(s)

  1. ...hearing you play the kazoo in the car dealership would be priceless!! I'm sure it would hurry them up to get "the crazy lady with the kazoo" out of the waiting room! Like the kitty sketch...sleeping kitties are so cute!

  2. Thanks, Kelly, I fear that I'm getting eccentric in my old age, and may become a real rabble rouser to boot!

  3. Quite a creative plan to speed things up!


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