There is Nothing Quite As Humbling . . . .

8:43 PM

. . . . as your own stupidity. And I have had a colossal dose of humble pie. I have nearly ruined my painting. I was putting in the last shadow and when I "came to" I instantly knew I had messed up and messed up big. The shadow I had just painted was a value of 7 on a scale of 10. At most, it should have been a 3. The pigments that I use for shadow colors tend to stain. They can be lifted but not four value steps.

I have no idea how it happened. Only that it happened. After some furious scrubbing, some tears, and a few very deep, long breathes, I stopped. I just sat down and stared at it for a while. This kind of mistake is one of those that teaches you a lot - if you let it. Whereas I have no idea how it happened, I'm pretty sure I know why it happened. I thought it would only take 5 hours or so to finish up. Wrong. I've put in nine hours today.

I'm tired. I'm trying to meet a deadline. I was cautiously (or so I thought) rushing. And I rushed headlong into stupidity. The mistake I made was simply from not paying enough attention. In another post, I mentioned embracing mistakes, that's how we learn and learn well. Well, here's my chance. After Chris came home this evening, we sat discussing options. His comment, "Now you can make it an even stronger piece" was just what I needed to hear.

In the morning, I will get up and begin again. If I can't lighten the shadows, I can certainly make the surface that they fall on darker. Something about if the mountain won't come to you, go to the mountain . . . . or something like that. I've got about a 50/50 chance of saving this one. If you don't mind, send some good vibes my way, I think I'm gonna need them.

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