Re-learning My ABC's!

3:52 PM

Since you all know I don't have enough to do, I wanted to share something that I've been involved with for a some weeks now . . . . ABC's From Around the World! I was asked to play with some very, and I do many very, talented ladies in an Art Trading Card swap! The theme is the A, B, C's, and the creativity and fun from these little cards is just outstanding!

I have included a few of the cards I've received below, but I invite you to pop over to the ABC Blog, and look at the fantastic work these ladies are doing! I have learned so much about these cards, and I think the most important is that there is no end to the creative ideas that keep being posted.
The C is for chain and is from the lovely Teri of Teri's Painted Daisies and the F is a froggie fellow from Marianne from Mandalas and More. The B is my contribution to the ATC swap.

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Oh gee, they look so nice! (teehee) It is true that these ladies are SO talented and I am also learning a lot!!

    And your letters Laure, are always so graceful, beautiful and full of creativity!! Thank you for playing.

  2. These are just great. There is so much out there and so little time. This must be a fun distraction.

  3. What fun! Glad you're enjoying these little bits of creativity.

  4. Nice to see my frog on your beautiful blog!
    I enjoy these ABC's very much and I am very happy with the D you made me.
    Lolo asked me who got her H. I looked it up and I think it is you. She asks if you can post it on our blog, as she is still on the road.

    Have a nice day!


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