How Long Does It Take You To Do Your Best Work?

6:42 AM

Detail from No Place Like Home

Have you ever tracked the hours it takes to create your personal best? I've been working on this paint for almost 50 hours - that's brush-or-pencil-to-paper hours! And that total doesn't include all the hours I've thought about it, struggled with it in my mind, worked out problems when I was eating lunch, driving around, taking a shower, making dinner etc. If you counted all those hours you could easily double the count!

This is probably my best work to date. The above image is not quite complete, but it gives you an idea of the detail. It's a full sheet of watercolor paper which is 30 x 22 inches. I have been quite pleased that most of this has been painted with the "get in, get it down, get out" philosophy. And even though I haven't rushed, I haven't dallied over the details either - I don't have time with that deadline looming! I have another 5 or so hours of painting today and then I'll begin the process of photographing the painting. Always a fun challenge.

I told my husband last night that I would miss this painting when it was done as it has so totally eclipsed everything else in my life. I think I'll feel a little lost without it. His advice? Start another! Okay, then, that's what I'll do.

I would love to share this with you today but that's not possible yet. Maybe by the end of the month depending on when I hear back from the competition. I hope to be back to posting on a regular basis after today as well. And I ask you again as I am curious, how many hours does it take you to create your personal best?

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