Daily Practice - The Ugly Duckling

9:32 PM

Here is my little "ugly duckling" flower on Ampersand's Aquaboard, formerly called Clayboard. This is a rework from where it was last post. It still has a very long way to go! One thing I've noticed with Aquaboard is the painting gets ugly in a hurry. There's no middle ground. When I wet the surface with water, it turns to a light putty color. Then I add my color and I wait for it to dry to see if the color is too little/too dark or the correct hue. A bit disconcerting, but nothing that can't be overcome.

I think the fact that I started in with the pale yellows, greens and pinks may have helped to throw me when I first started this piece. When using a darker color it isn't so difficult to judge the hue and value. There are good things to be said for the support, but I believe I will wait to see if this will be a successful before I do a review.

The competition painting is coming along as well. It's beginning to look like a painting at least. As to whether it will be show material remains to be seen. It seems odd to me how sometimes you know, right from the start, that a painting is going to turn out well (assuming you're not me and you don't do something stupid when you're nearly finished), and how you can't tell with others until you're nearly finished. Maybe that's what keeps me intrigued!

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