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7:09 PM

As I am deep into a competition painting, and the rules prohibit me from displaying it online at the moment, I thought I would share with you about a recent experience I had  - the delightful opportunity to meet Gabrielle of Inner Artist in person!  

Gabrielle and her husband, Paul, were down visiting family in Florida, so she and I made arrangements to meet at the Art Center Manatee, which was hosting the National Watercolor Society's 88th annual traveling exhibition. I've included the cover of this year's NWS catalog showing this year's top winner by Soon Young Warren. 

We had the opportunity to view over 100 paintings up close and personal as well as from across the room. Having just met did not deter us from sharing our thoughts and feelings on the various works. We also shared a few laughs as it became apparent we liked many of the same things and others, well, not so much. 

We shared our ideas and thoughts on what made particular paintings work, and why some worked better than others. And I have to say, to be in that room with many of those names I've only read about in major art magazines, and then see their work live, I understand why they're in those magazines - wow! Double wow! I wanna paint like that when I grow up!

The experience was made all the more special getting to share it with a like-minded new friend and artist. Paul came and joined us the last few minutes we were there, and even though he's not an artist, he picked three of the top five that both Gabrielle and I had chosen as the best. I went back with my husband the following day, and what do you know, he too picked the same winners!

If you have the opportunity to meet up with a cyber-buddy, I urge you to take the chance. If you have the chance to see a regional or state or national show of work in your chosen media - go! It is amazing what you can learn by studying the "modern day" masters. Those people have risen to the top of their fields for a reason and it really shows in the national/international competitions. And who knows, you may even make a new friend in the deal!! 

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10 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Hi Laure - It WAS a great afternoon! I was so inspired by what we saw and what we talked about. Going to an art exhibit is a great learning tool, but to be able to verbally process it all with another artist is, I think, invaluable. I'm so glad we were able to meet!

  2. Cool! How fun you were able to meet! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Sometimes it's not that easy meeting people with like minds. I know there are not that many birder/artists in Cincy, but I keep trying to convert everyone! :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing your fun day, Laure. Wow, that painting on the cover---something to strive for, huh?! I'm sure we will be seeing one of yours on there soon ; ) Can't wait to see what you're working on~~

    p.s. I'm packing for all I'm worth right now---may have to "play" on the plane! Thanks so much for your "over-the-shoulder" advice---can't wait to try out your suggestions~~

  4. Sounds like a great day! Hope to see your entry when you are free to post!

  5. What fun! Glad you were able to meet a blog friend. Last Fall I met a blog friend (Lin of View from the Oak) and we had so much fun. After dinner we toured a local gallery - where some of Lin's paintings are displayed. We hit it off immediately and it was like we'd known each other for years. I guess art makes a good common denominator.

  6. I wish you the very best of luck with your competition! I'm excited for you! I can't wait to see what you've been working on. That must have been wonderful--I have met up with a few flickr and blog friends and it's an amazing thing. Someone I met said "it's exactly like walking into a photograph," and I have to agree--it kind of is!

  7. Thanks for sharing and the great advise. I love talking painting with fellow artisits. Good luck with your compition.

  8. Great Post !! I Am Impressed And I Am Sure Will Get Back On Your Blog Also All The Best For Competition..I have statred a new website And Would Like You To Check It .Unseen Rajasthan
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  9. I have also met a few online buddies and it is such a satisflying experience!

    Yours sounds exciting as well!

    I hope you win the competition!!!!! Can't wait to hear and see more.

  10. How cool that you two were able to meet! I go to Florida sometimes too to visit my sister, but she is farther down south than you are, I believe. If you're ever up in Michigan or Ohio, you'll have to call me!


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