Starts, Finishes, Stops, and Deletes

9:35 PM

Today, and the weekend, has been just that - a series of starts, finishes, stops and deletes. I spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday getting caught up and up to date in the office. Receipts, paperwork, orders, etc. All the stuff that didn't get taken care of for the last few months. Paperwork is the bane, well, one of the banes, of my existence. I am clutter-challenged and it's my own doing. However, I felt 10-foot tall and bullet proof when my husband asked me for something and I reached into a folder and there it was! Victory!!

Today, I have attempted to write this post - three times. It is nothing like what I had intended. The other two posts were saved. Then deleted. My thoughts were so scattered and disconnected as to not make sense even to me. Not sure what's up with that but I won't subject you to my misspellings and ramblings. More ditziness I suppose.

I have two pieces of art on the go and both are in the extreme ugly stage. One is so bad it may go into the bin. I decided I wanted to do something for the Etsy shop, something I could "play" with while I'm working away on the competition piece. So I decided to do a small 4" x 4" flower on Aquaboard, made by Ampersand. The surface is suppose to be easy to paint on. And for some people I suppose it is. Karen Vernon makes it look falling-off-a-log-easy. And maybe with time and practice, I'll get the hang of it. Until then, this piece is probably going in the bin as there is no other side to paint on.

The competition painting is coming along in fits. At the moment, it looks hideous. Maybe it will look different (better) in the morning. For whatever reason, I'm suddenly value-challenged. Why? Dunno. But it's really putting a cramp in my painting style, I can tell you that! I think the problem is the painting in my head is not matching up to the one on the table. Of course, the one in my head is perfect and the values are exquisite. The one on the table is . . . . imperfect.

Thank goodness tomorrow is another day to do it all over again, and it is my strong intention to make it a great day!

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. We are always our own worst critics, and things always seem worse when overtired. The Inner Critic goes into a massive sulk, and colours everything grey.

    What you need is the total break you didn't have at the weekend - and a bit of distance, which creates a bit of perspective. A change of pace.

    My advice right now? Turn the piece to the wall and do NOT look at it for at least one day (two or three would be better). Then look from across the room with your eyes half closed. That'll tell you if any particular area of colour is jumping out and strobing.

    I think mostly you are stressed and subconsciously worrying about things HAVING to be perfect - just relax and be your usual charming self, and it'll all come together. Promise! Look at that album of mine - on the back boiler for nearly a year because I couldn't think what to do (and then finished in one day!) Nil desperandum.

  2. I think Susie is right, Laure. All work and no play makes for an exhausted artist! I admire your drive and determination so much, but your creative fires need to be stoked with some down time. Your Etsy shop project will be there when recess is over. (And weren't you just telling me basically the same thing a few weeks ago?)

    I have a designer friend who used to work for Disney. When their creativity got stuck, they'd head out into Disney World and ride the rides until they could think clearly about their work again. So go find an amusement park of your own!

  3. I totally understand your victory at being able to find something...where it belongs! Yeah for that.... Maybe it's in the air...(or as my grandma used to say, "Your biorhythms must be down..."), but I've had all sorts of starts, and stops, etc., etc. Hope you smooth it all out soon...

  4. Excellent advice from Susie... I think it's the pressure of deadlines and self-expectations. Don't forget to leave space for the fun part of art!


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