Sometimes, You Just Can't Tell

9:42 PM

I fell in love today . . . . with my latest competition painting! And I can't show you. Yet. Dagnabbit! One of the things about painting that has always intrigued me is that sometimes when you start a painting, you can tell right away that "it works" or that's it's going to work. Other times, you don't really know if it's going to work until the very last brush stroke. Sometimes after you've finished, you're still not sure. You have to put it away for a few days and look at it with a fresh perspective to see if "it works."

The painting I am doing now has a close-up of part of an umbrella, and it was not until late this afternoon that I became sure that this painting was going "to work." It is the fabric of the umbrella that I have fallen for - and boy, did I fall! I wanted to paint a black umbrella that wasn't black. I wanted it to be violet, lavender, blue-grey and . . . . . peachy. That gorgeous pink-gold color you sometimes get early in the morning? Sometimes before a rain with the heavy violet, lavender and blue-grey clouds? That color!

And I did it! I've captured those colors in the folds of the umbrella! When I put down the first washes I thought to myself then that I would be repainting that painting as it didn't look anything like I wanted it to, but then I didn't know how to get what I wanted either. I kept at it, I'd let it sit for a while and then take another turn at it. Today, I put the final wash of the pink-gold color on it and it started to sing! The colors are soft and subtle, but they're there!

Tomorrow, I will finish up the painting, barring any debacles like I had with the last competition painting. I have to submit it by July 20th. Once I hear whether I'm in or not, I'll post it. Meanwhile, I have to think of something to paint with fabric in it, soft, flowing, sexy, fabric. Hmmmm . . . . .

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7 Creative Thought(s)

  1. You've certainly got me curious - I'm anxious to see the finished painting. Best wishes on the competition!

  2. Congrats - I'm so happy for you! That's just such a great feeling when it all comes together and you know you've got it.

  3. You are the master of building anticipation, Laure! I can't wait to see these competition pieces.

    .... hmmmm .... fabric ... well, bolts of fabric at the fabric store are irresistible ... or the fabric remnants bin might be fun. Oh right, you said sexy ... not sure if remnants are sexy ... but you could MAKE them be sexy!!!

  4. Ooooh, I can't wait to see it! I wish you lots of luck with it--I'll bet it's really nice, since you yourself even feel good about it. It sounds wonderful--I am trying to imagine it from your description. I'll keep watching to see it!

  5. Looking forward to seeing a black umbrella that's not black! Well put, and I'm sure it's equally well painted. Can't wait to see it!

  6. I can hear the excitement in your words!


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