Daily Practice - Rainier Cherries, Take II

5:07 PM

More cherries. This time a WIP as not only am I back into a competition painting . . . . and I've lost a painting. A painting someone wants to buy! EEEEEEEK! Of all the dumb bunny, really idiotic things I could possibly do, and right now of all times, I've. . . Lost . . . A . . . Painting. 

It's not really lost. Just misplaced, right? And I just don't have a clue where it might be. I checked in all the logical places. Not there. So, I tried some illogical places. Not there either. I haven't torn out the studio yet as I really don't have time at the moment, but this is getting ridiculous! I know it's in the house. Somewhere. Here painting, painting, painting . . . .

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