More Progress - Scarf

5:34 PM

Here is the scarf - almost complete. I'll be moving on to other elements in the image and will come back and adjust different areas of scarf as needed to either push areas back or bring them forward. 

Kathy of Red Thread Art asked how I achieved the mottled effect. There are four ways, well no, there are more than four ways, but I used four ways to get the mottled effect. 
  • Painting the shape with water and then dropping pigment in. 
  • Painting part of the shape with clear water (in areas that were going to be lighter) and then painting with a heavy pigment load up to and in to the water areas.  
  • Painting two colors into one area and letting them mix on the paper. This can be done with the paper wet or dry.
  • Lifting paint as it dries with either a tissue and/or a brush.
Because painting something like this can be mind-numbingly boring, I tend to make up shapes and change the colors around. This challenges me to do something other than copy a photograph or an actual scarf. It puts me in control of not only the color but the temperature of an area as well as the shape. 

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