It's All In What You Call It!

10:07 PM

It would seem that Teresa, over at Blueberries, Art and Life, thinks the ugly duckling needs a new title because she doesn't think it's ugly anymore. Hmmm, okay, but what do I call it? (As it's still kind of ugly, I think). And if you're wondering why this little 4 inch square painting is taking so long, it's because it's my "play" piece while I'm working on the competition painting.

Sometimes, I need to wait for a big wash to dry (and to keep me from getting impatient and messing up said wash) or I may need to gain some perspective on what to do next on the big painting, I'll paint a small piece to distract myself. This one has served that purpose well as the surface, Aquaboard, has kept me intrigued.

Something new that I learned today is that you can easily lift pigment. If you look closely at the center and some of the dark background spots, you will see that I have lifted the color. Almost back to the white surface, AND I could go back to the white with no discernible difference. It does NOT damage the surface - wow! Very cool! After learning this, I started lifting wherever I wanted to just for fun. Got a little carried away. But it's fixable!

This evening, I was talking with my husband about this piece and the unique surface properties Aquaboard has. I commented that "this little jewel sure was taking a long time" when I realized I had just come up with the new name . . . . . Summer Jewel. Is that acceptable, Teresa?!

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