In The Spirit!

9:14 AM

You may be wondering what in the world this is suppose to be? A new art form perhaps? An art project gone wrong? Day of the Dead a few days early?! No.................'s my husband doing his best impression of a hippie for Halloween!

Back when Sam (my muse) and I were going to the fabric shop in search of the perfect material with which to make a new purse, Chris accompanied us on one of our trips. He happened up on some material that he thought would make a perfect work shirt....skulls in batik!

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. LOL I love it! I do have to say he is well coordinated. :) Don't know if you noticed yet, but I gave you a bit of a shout out on my blog post. This is such a fun blog.

  2. Thanks, Cris, and yes, he's a well-coordinated hippie! LOL!!

    Thanks, too, for the shout-out! My blog hoppin' has been a bit limited lately. Will be for a while yet.

  3. Tell Chris he looks good in skulls! Perfect outfit for Halloween.

  4. ...funny, and a perfect Halloween Hippie shirt. So...did he sew the shirt?

  5. Too funny! and I agree with does make the perfect Haloween Hippie shirt!! Now don't keep us in suspense...has Chris been hidding some talents from us all??? I think it was Ms. Laure!!! :)

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    Kelly and Myra, you know KNOW who sewed that shirt!! Chris has many talents, but to my knowledge, they do not run to needle and thread!


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