Come And Walk By The River!

10:31 AM

The rapids with the water grasses flowing around the rocks.

Looking upriver into the sun, just above the rapids.

Utter stillness.....

Lots of fallen trees in the river as well as small islands of rock.

Looking away from the river and into the woods.

Rather pre-historic looking, isn't it?

Oh, look! It's the rare Striped River Sketcher!!

All photos courtesy of Imaginary Trips' professional photographer, Chris Ferlita. 

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10 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Wow.. beautiful scenery. Brings new meaning to Sun dappled. No wonder you felt peaceful there. Now thats truely a great shot of that rare Striped River Sketcher.. lol

  2. Wonderful photos of beautiful scenery. I can see why you had a good day.

  3. Great photos! I especially like the one with you in it. Maybe you should frame that one for a gift to your husband or is it only me who likes pictures of people with their backs to me?

  4. What fun seeing you in the moment of the sketch. Your Hubby did a great job capturing this area. I can see how far south you are with that moss hanging from the trees and the palms sticking up out of the waters edge. A beautiful area.

  5. What gorgeous images! Chris is a real artist, too.

  6. What fun for the two of you! Tell Chris that his photos are beautiful. What a nice time of year to explore and soak some nature!

  7. Beautiful images, Laure - so very atmospheric. That's definitely my kind of trip!

  8. I hear that the Striped River Sketcher is very rare, indeed. I haven't seen one in my area, ever!
    Your photos are marvelous. So lush and green.

  9. Somehow I missed this post until today! Chris' photos are terrific, and I especially enjoyed seeing the rare striped river sketcher. I was worried that they might have become extinct! :)

  10. Thank you, Cris!!

    It's a beautiful place, Cheryl!

    Thanks, Timaree!

    Hey, Lisa, yes, Chris is very talented—both as a photographer and an artist!

    Yes, Ms. Kate, he's more of a real artist than I am!

    Thank you, Claire, I'll let him know!

    Thanks, Gillian!

    Hmmm, Katie, are you sure there are no striped river sketchers in your area—at all???!!!

    Thanks, KJ, no the sketchers are not extinct just extremely elusive!


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