"Leaf Fix"

9:13 AM

While at the trade show last week, I could not help but notice my surroundings. Lush landscaping everywhere you turned! Bird of Paradise, Canna lilies, and all make and model of trees and grasses. I also noticed these gorgeous leaves in the parking lot:

Scarlet Oak Leaf Watercolor Study
Pineapple Journal

This is a leaf from the Scarlet Oak, so named because of the vibrant scarlet color the leaves turn in the Fall. Of course, this being Florida, we're probably talking late December or even January before we see any scarlet! Even without the gorgeous color I was still fascinated with the textures and colors to be found within the brown sections of the leaf. It looks like something found it to be a rather delicious snack as well.

The leaf was painted on Canson Edition watercolor paper in the Pineapple journal I made a while back. I'm still getting used to the paper, but so far, I have to say that I do like it. This was painted in bit and pieces as I could grab 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there. It is painted fairly close to actual size. With Autumn arriving (it was in the 60's this morning—woohoo!!), I've been quite anxious to get a "leaf fix" as I love to capture these masterpieces in my journal each year. Hopefully, this will be the first of many.

Speaking of art supplies, I was introduced to some new ones at the tradeshow and I'll be talking about those next. In fact, one idea is so cool, I'm gonna do a video on it!

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14 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Laure, this is wonderful...beautifully observed!

  2. your work is always so wonderful! what a beautiful leaf, the colors are just gorgeous. i can't wait to see your video and hear about your new supplies. and anytime you want to paint a leaf on video, i'm all ready!

  3. Oh it's beautiful Laure! Leaves were made for artist's. We were on the same page today.

    I am anxious to hear about the new supplies.

  4. ...I can almost hear the brown parts crackle. It's gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful leaf, Laure. I look forward to hearing about the new supplies, too!

  6. Wonderful leaf. I love those bug holes!

  7. Ahhh yes, the leaves are beginning to show up on the net now. This one is a particularly pretty one. It looks like it could tell a story or two.

  8. I love to paint autumn leave too - one of the compensations for the retreat of summer! This one is so beautifully done - I hope you will be showing some more.

  9. Thank you, Kate, this is my attempt at slowing down the pace of life just a bit.

    Thanks, Randy, I'm working on the new art supply video this weekend!

    Teri, I'm going to have to go see your "page!"

    Thanks, Kelly!

    Thank you, KJ!

    You're right, Lisa! It does rather look like it has a story to tell!

    Hi, Marancat, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Oh, there will be more! You'll probably be sick of them by the time winter rolls around!

  10. I hear that! Slowing down is GOOD. Looking forward to your video! I did a little one on simplifying my kit (again!) while I was in Nevada, tried to upload it three times to YouTube through Picasa and it would never go. I keep forgetting to try again, direct. <;-(

  11. Now you make me curious as that's part of what my video will be about - simplifying the travel kit!!

    Hope it loads before my curiosity gets the best of me!

  12. You do such a great job with leaves Laure. I'll be watching for your video too.

  13. I'll see if I can get it up soon! Unfortunately, I was using a handheld camera while sitting on the bed in Nevada, so I have a nice long shot of bedspread since I was opening the pen box with my left hand. :-P If I have time to edit, I'll remove a bit of that!

  14. Gorgeous leaf... very well done!

    Been in the mid 40's here at night time... I'm over the moon with delight that we're finally getting some cool weather. Woo Hoo! Send in the snow :-)


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