Superb Mediocrity

3:33 PM

Cypress Reflections,
Hillsborough River
Watercolor Sketchbook,
3.5" x 17" 
Chris and I managed to get out to the Hillsborough River State Park on Saturday morning. It was sooooooo nice! It was in the mid 50's when we arrived and there was no one else about. We walked up along the river's edge, far off the beaten paths until we found an area that struck a creative note. I proceeded to sketch while he played with the camera, took photos, threw sticks in the river, aggravated spiders and just soaked up the ambience. The day was absolutely superb. Unfortunately, the sketching was mediocre at best, but on day like that, I didn't even care!

This was done in the handbook • journal • watercolor sketchbook. The majority of it was painted on location. This huge old cypress is in the middle of the river with a small island of flotsam collecting around it. After tackling this subject matter, and wondering why, I realized that I have a fascination with water. Especially moving water.

I have to say this is not a particularly good sketch of water, but I think that only deepens the fascination and I already know I'm going to try again. And again. And again. And probably some more after that until I can render this type of subject with a certain amount of satisfaction. Not perfection. Just satisfaction.

The satisfaction was definitely in the day and the opportunity to enjoy life and nature at a slower pace. Maybe next time, the enjoyment will also be in the finished sketch. If not, it will give me a great excuse (assuming I need one) to go back!

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10 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I like the reflections and water being the majority of the picture. I'm thinking the shape of this journal makes it harder to work in besides the paper. I have one tall journal and I find it harder to design in.

    Sounds like a nice day! Everyone needs one of those naturally in nature kind of days occasionally.

  2. We all have off days, but being OUT there is what counts. DOING it is what counts. You know you'll do something gorgeous tomorrow, I know you!

  3. Looks like you were having a great time. How fun to go somewhere to sketch. Did you have to hike with many supplies? I think the water was there for you in the river. :)

  4. I like how you've filled the paper with your painting, and how you've chosen to position the tree and water. (Your mediocre would be my really good, just so you know...)

  5. I love your attitude about a sketch you're not entirely thrilled with. As long as you enjoyed your day and recorded it in your journal, it was a great day. And I agree with Kate that you'll do something gorgeous tomorrow!

  6. sounds like it was a perfect day, and girl, your painting is hardly mediocre. I like how the reflection shows us what is missing from the top part of the drawing. I can see what the top of tree looked like. I also love the reeds in the background. I can totally imagine a long-legged bird wading through there!

  7. Timaree, you're right that format does present a challenge and I think that's why I'm enchanted with it! Sucker for punishment might be another way to look at it!

    Thanks, Ms. Kate, we'll have to see what comes up next!

    We did have a fine time, Cris, much needed downtime! Actually, I have a very small, lightweight backpack that I can attach my stool to, so it's really not too bad. I've found that LESS is more when on location.

    Thanks, KJ, we'll have to hit Alderman's Ford in the next couple of months!

    Thanks, Cheryl, it's paper, paint and time well spent. Sometimes it's more about the experience than the final product. If we're not making mistakes we're not learning!

  8. We cross posted, Kelly, oddly enough we didn't see any wading birds. I rather figured we would in that particular area. We did see wrens, cardinals, finch/sparrow type birds as well as some mockingbirds and I thought I saw a cat bird, but JUST got a glimpse.

    Thanks for the kind words on the sketch! I'll be going back, I assure you!

  9. It sounds like you had a marvelous morning out. I like your sketch. It will be an inspiration to do more.

  10. Thank you, Lisa! Oh, it's definitely an inspiration alright!


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